Lodge 49: DisOrientation
August 27, 2019 12:13 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Ernie recounts his trip to Mexico to Dud, who hears a solution to all the Lodge's problems. The Shamroxx gang is back together, but this time, they're dealing with Higher Steaks. Dud and Liz learn they need more fydration. Meanwhile, Connie deals with her own disorientation.
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Man, Lodge 55 was a bummer. I didn't even see any leftover Lynx regalia or decorations around.

I'm glad Bob's still writing poetry. His stuff is weird, but it's heartfelt and unselfconscious.

I didn't know until recently that Pollyanna Macintosh was, despite the obvious giveaway, Scottish, so the Sovereign Protector of Lodge 1 bit was nice. I really enjoy the relationship Connie and Clara have, though I wonder how it'll change with the shift in the power dynamic.

Daphne's assumption that Dud had her figured out from the start was pretty hilarious. Seriously, though, why did anyone else in the lodge let her string him along when she was so obviously a fraud?
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Seriously, though, why did anyone else in the lodge let her string him along when she was so obviously a fraud?

There is a bug of polite society that makes it very difficult to say “You’re a fraud!” if you don’t have ironclad proof, and you can’t prove that some weirdo isn’t a lawyer just because they say “law provider” and ask weird questions. This is why con artists’ schemes always seem dumb in retrospect, and it’s why she just assumed that Dud had tipped her from the start.
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Good point, Etrigan. Though in the case of lawyers, one could presumably check with the state bar and find out if they're legit without having to confront them directly. Not that something like that would occur to Dud (unless it came to him in a dream or vision!).

I wonder if we'll get the full story of what happened in Mexico with the antiquarian, the bricklayer, and the donkeycorn, which might not have been the weirdest thing in that dude's house.
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