The Righteous Gemstones: They Are Weak, But He Is Strong
August 30, 2019 10:57 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Aimee-Leigh's elderly brother Baby Billy returns to the Gemstone ministry, bringing along his much younger wife Tiffany. Jesse closes ranks on his co-conspirators to root out the identity of his blackmailers.
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Whole lotta dicks in this one.

“All across America capitalism is crumbling, and that’s where we step up.” That's quite the thesis statement here.

That potato throw tho.

Love seeing them expanding the world around the main cast. First we got the antagonists last week, this week we see more of the Gemstone family. Walton f*cking Goggins is a delight as Baby Billy.
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Is HBO trying to make up for the casual and gratuitous female nudity in Game of Thrones with the casual and extended male nudity in this? If so, well played (but it doesn't make up for the ills of GOT).

On the other hand, it's keeping with GOT in that it continues to poke at those with religious beliefs as being frauds or charlatans, particularly those leading prayers (and collecting donations). "Motherfucker waltzes in here like he's the damn prodigal son (Wikipedia), everybody kissing his ass."

I was about to say that Gideon didn't waste any inheritance, but in stepping away from this land of plenty, he sort of did, though it seems like he's the parallel to a different sort of Biblical story (that I can't name of the top of my head).

Also, I love the "We Did It!" coins. "It's not the thought that counts when it can get us in fuckin' jail for committing crimes."
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