Six Feet Under: Everyone Leaves
September 11, 2019 7:48 PM - Season 3, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Keith's great-aunt Jeanie is stung by a bee at a family picnic, and dies of an allergic reaction. Keith and David drive up to San Diego for the funeral, and stay with Keith's parents. Vanessa's drug cocktail is having noticeable effects on her. Russell makes a confession to Claire, Arthur stonewalls Ruth, and Claire and Ruth bond over their less than successful romantic lives. Lisa departs to pay a visit to her sister. Brenda, who has been staying with Billy, hastily leaves his apartment when he crosses a line, and in her distress visits Nate, where she crosses a line with him. And Nate cannot reach Lisa on her cell phone.

The obituary for this episode:

Jeanette Louise Bradford (1928-2003)

Bradford, Jeanette Louis - Born in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1928 and called home by our Father in Heaven on June 7 at 75 years of age.

Jeanie was preceded in death by her parents Joseph and Anna Green, her sister Dorothy, and her husband Roy Bradford. She is survived by her children Reginald Bradford and Virginia Ross, five grandchildren, three nieces, two-great-grandchildren, and seven great-nieces and nephews.

Jeanie was a warm and feisty lady with many friends. She attended church every Sunday for 49 years at First United Methodist Church of San Diego and volunteered at the Balboa Branch Library on Tuesday evenings. Jeanie was known for her green thumb, her rich desserts, and her love of Nat King Cole recordings. She will be greatly missed.

Burial on Tuesday at 2p.m. at Everlasting Memorial Park, 1702 San Pasqual St. San Diego, CA 92101.
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That scene of Nate weeping, then Ruth and Lisa comforting him.

I kept bugging myself, “What book is Brenda reading?” It was made up for the show, right? And the cartoon.

Russell and Claire are in unhappy places, guilt and rage. At least the places are separate, especially since Claire is blameless and under no obligation to have anything to do with Russell.

Maya is cute.

David’s seamless transition to funeral-director-mode blew me away. It’s not even funny, not really, but it made me smile.
posted by kingless at 12:50 PM on September 12, 2019

The twins who play Maya look *so* much like Peter Krause.

The Nathaniel & Isabel books and movies are a creation of the show's writers, yes. They clearly went to a lot of trouble to make such realistic props.

I would hate to have a relative or an in-law like Keith's dad. Men like him make me want to run as far and as fast as possible.

The way David worked Aunt Jeanie's funeral made me laugh, but it was so him. The guy's been in the funeral business all his life, and it's his vocation to an extent that I don't think he even realizes. He even worked his father's funeral, and helped his brother pre-plan his funeral when he was scheduled for surgery he might not survive. I don't think David would know how to deal with grief if he couldn't fulfill at least some of the functions of a funeral director. It reminds me of something Bob Hoskins said about how, when his father died, he found he couldn't grieve naturally, that whenever he cried about his loss, he would discover that he was making himself cry as he did when he was acting. When you've really embraced your life's work, it can become so much a part of you that you can no longer separate yourself from it.

David was right to intervene when Keith and his dad got physical during their fight, but other than that he should have stayed out of it. In-laws do need to be careful about respecting their new family's boundaries. And Keith didn't mean that he doesn't consider David his family, but that the matter was strictly between him and his father. He's even told his mother to stay out of an argument between him and his father.

You'd think Rico would clue in that Vanessa's using drugs in a problematic way, but noooo. I know he's happy to see her upbeat and energetic again, but they must have been a couple for ten years or so by now, and he ought to know this level of frenetic energy isn't normal for her either.

Arthur does seem to be such a decent guy at heart, and he really is intelligent and talented and even interesting, but he is so, so strange. That Aunt Pearl of his really did some kind of number on him.

Russell can't be with anyone right now until he comes to terms with his sexuality. Good on Claire for seeing that there was more at play than just his cheating on her and lying about it -- though heaven knows that's more than enough reason to dump someone. It does seem a shame though. They were both getting so much out of a shared experience of studying art, and they did treat each other well.

Lauren Ambrose and Frances Conroy are like a couple of Botticelli paintings come to life.

Billy has more issues than just his bipolar disorder. His entire emotional wiring is haywire. Margaret and Bernard Chenowith have a lot to answer for.

Nate trying to talk that guy out of spending more money on a more expensive casket, and then trying to be there for him in his terrible grief and guilt... there are worse men than Nate Fisher. And then we had another scene in which we see how similar Ruth and Lisa are, but this time Nate was ready to embrace the similarity.

And now, with Lisa's disappearance, we're heading into what feels to me like a complete fuck up on the part of the show's producers. I think they wanted to get Brenda back on board while leaving with Nate with full custody of Maya, and the only way to do that was to get rid of Lisa, so they threw in a truly bizarre and senseless plot twist, but the thing is it makes no sense for Brenda and Nate to be in each other's lives. I mean, I understand why Brenda would be upset about her own freaking brother making a pass at her (yuck!!!!), but she has no one to go to but Nate, who is, you know, married? Has she no friends at all?
posted by orange swan at 4:23 PM on September 14, 2019

...she has no one to go to but Nate...Has she no friends at all?

None we've seen since Melissa. More than friendship, I think she goes to see Nate because she still trusts him.

Ruth and Claire's scenes are always good; the romance conversation was one of the best (so far). And the moment that starts it, when Claire, in tears, walks past Ruth-carrying-laundry, and Ruth (who had already been crying) loses control of her face—worth watching more than once.
posted by kingless at 3:20 AM on September 15, 2019

Claire and Russell's experience of art school comes over as just the worst. At this stage, they only seem to have one teacher - and that is Olivier. They interact with him but nobody else. Even the pre-Olivier "draw a perfect circle" exercises were better than that.
posted by rongorongo at 10:57 PM on May 12, 2022

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