God Friended Me: Joy
September 29, 2019 7:37 PM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Miles tries to help the God Account's new friend, Joy, figure out what the account wants from her after she receives her first friend suggestion since getting Miles' name--a soldier on leave in New York. Also, Simon helps Cara reconnect with an important person from her past while she's in Paris; Rakesh settles into his new role as head of R&D at Identity Seal; and Trish is concerned when Arthur is reluctant to buy a new home with his fiancée.
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I know this show didn't generate much discussion last season and I probably should have gone right to a complete-season-2 thread or no thread at all, but, I figure at least the season premiere ought to have its own post (for the 3 or 4 of us watching).
posted by oh yeah! at 7:57 PM on September 29, 2019

I started watching this show on an international flight and really liked it, but for some reason CBS has removed all of season 1 from its app. Hoping I can fill in the gaps as I watch the season 2 premiere, but it is so weird to me that they wouldn't want people to catch up on the first season before the new one starts.
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Glad you liked it, Clustercuss. I don’t know if CBS ever had all of S1 up for streaming, rather than just the most recent several, but most of the network apps only stream from the current season, and throw the rest behind a paywall of their own streaming service or on Hulu/Netflix/Prime/wherever.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the S1 plot details, I’m sure they’ll have the characters do exposition dumps whenever they reference it. There was the ongoing thread of trying to uncover the brains behind the God Account programming, which involved Rakesh doing a lot of ‘hacking’, and lots of red herrings, but ultimately no solution. Though, I’m not expecting there to be one — there’s a very strong “God helps those who help themselves” (or maybe more “God helps those who help each other”) philosophy to the show, so I think even if they track it down to an actual person, they’ll find that the AI has gone rogue in some heavenly way.
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I somehow forgot to continue watching, and left off last season at episode 15. The terrible thing is that CBS makes you pay for their streaming service to catch up. So to the internets for free streams!
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