Lodge 49: Zugzwang
October 1, 2019 7:20 AM - Season 2, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Ernie and Dud meet a legend, who inspires them look deep within and embrace the zugzwang. Liz gets a promotion and Scott goes for a walk.
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Zugzwang is a thing! (Wikipedia). I checked Google's auto-translation service, and as of writing this, Google recognizes the word as German, but doesn't actually translate it.

Back to this episode: I'm excited for the next two episodes! How far will it go? Will they wrap it up (mostly), as a 3rd season is uncertain yet?
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Fav line: No, I'm trapped. I just keep on writing and writing. Exhausting all the possibilities of this world.

I know, right?

Blaise is finally sleeping, Genevieve and her lighter, three cars headed for Mexico. I know it ends in a plane crash but I can't wait to see how they get there.

Ludibrium is Latin for a trivial game. Something meaningless, but fun.
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I'm skimming r/Lodge49 in hopes of finding translations of Gnevieve's lines, and in a comment on this episode, someone wrote "omg...the Omni suit is literally a HOLLOW EARTH"

How did I miss that? "All of my books episodes are sprinkled with Lynxian references. Anagrams, acrostics, the book within the book, so to speak." Indeed.

Anyway, she's saying (in terrible French, apparently) that she wants to burn things, like "I'll burn your testicles." I was thinking she'd burn things, given how frequently and casually she plays with her lighter. I expect someone will understand French and alert the crew. Or she'll speak in English before she lights things on fire?
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Ha! I knew it was Janet in the mascot suit at the beginning of the season! And as soon as I heard "Liz Dudley, CFO" I knew she was gonna try to make her take the fall. Glad it didn't shake out that way.

Clara genuinely liking Lamar's pseudonymous erotica made him a little less ridiculous. I'd say that his obsession with Hollow Earth theories canceled that out, but let's face it, Hollow Earth theories rule, and Metz tying his into the Lynx painting made me love that painting even more.

I'm glad Scott's going to Mexico. It's been tough watching him fall apart lately, so the chance to get out of his slump is quite welcome.
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