On Becoming a God in Central Florida: Birthday Party
October 8, 2019 2:45 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Krystal does a J-O-B two-step. Ernie and Bets cha-cha. Roger celebrates his birthday with Cody.
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I am always amazed at how much contempt I, and Krystal, and the entire show, have for Cody, and how it can increase weekly.
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Yes, Cody is beyond repellent. I'm loving this show, it's so weird, yet still relatable, particularly in the Ernie and Bets story arc.
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Probably because I see him as a goofy kid (instead of an inept young adult), I see Cody as an interesting character, and perhaps not surprising that he has a counterpart at Bridges in Pat Stanley. Their "gods" are the father figures they're craving, and they're both kids in various ways. Pat's suits are way too big, as if he's actually wearing his dad's clothes, where Cody is positively aching for positive confirmations.

Cody: So, um, why-why are we here? Who is, uh who's who's this woman? Can you tell? Can't really say?
Roger: She's a failed TV journalist with undue interest in Mr. Garbeau's affairs.
Cody: Oh. And Obie wants us - to deal with it.
Roger: No. Some things are best left off Mr. Garbeau's radar.
Cody: Yeah, um, but, uh, just how how will he know we did a good job, then?
Roger: I recommend finding new incentives.

Obie feeds that adoration, because in Cody he has a True Believer. Even when learning that the products don't really have sufficient mark-ups to earn anyone actual profits (except Obie, probably), Cody is happy to be getting paid directly from FAM's accounts, and still spouts the FAM lines.

Krystal saw that as a problem, but might have gotten lured back in by Louise Garbeau's womb room, and a vision of Destinee playing the violin, despite her birthing flashback being tainted by the overwhelming presence of FAM products, and the absence of her husband.
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I wouldn't say Cody is not an interesting character, just that he is contemptible. I'm not entirely clear how old everyone is supposed to be -- I don't think Krystal is supposed to be late 30s like Dunst, though I would assume she's supposed to be older than Cody (who I read as early 20s like the actor). He is also generally in suits that are slightly too big for him.

Ernie and Bets are so, so hard to watch.
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