Grimm: Cry Luison
November 21, 2014 7:56 PM - Season 4, Episode 5 - Subscribe

A woman claims a persistent talking wolf drove her to madness; Juliette and Nick weigh the potential costs of getting back his powers; threats against Monroe and Rosalee's marriage intensify.
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Was this the first episode with actual gaslighting? There's a lot of people believing they're mentally ill but actually noticing Wesen activity, but an actual conspiracy to commit someone to a mental hospital seems new.

Adalind continues to be subjected to ridiculous ordeals with no connection to the main plot. Just decide what to do with her already!

I can understand Nick not wanting to sleep with someone magically disguised as his rapist, that's got to be distressing.

The American branch of the Purewelt Orden is/was involved with the KKK, so the burning wolfsangel makes sense.
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I've been kind of bored with Juliette lately, for the same reasons others mentioned in last week's thread, but I was happy that the episode ended with her back on Team Grimm. Maybe the writers will come up with a decent story arc for her once the re-Grimmification is done.

Wonder if we'll get another Nick-Adalind body swap while Juliette has Adalind's appearance?
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Wonder if we'll get another Nick-Adalind body swap while Juliette has Adalind's appearance?

Maybe we'll get a Nick-Juliette swap this time and Juliette can be the Grimm for an episode. That could also make for an interesting sex scene. I mean, if you and your lover swapped bodies, you'd have to try it, right?
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I'd be a little weirded out personally. But you couldn't get me out of the shower unless it was to stand in front of a mirror.
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Which probably isn't going to fly on Grimm unless they move to HBO
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Adalind continues to be subjected to ridiculous ordeals with no connection to the main plot. Just decide what to do with her already!

Well, though, arguably the "main" (season-long) plot is about everyone wants to find the Renard/Adalind baby, who apparently is or will be a big deal for not-very-clearly-explained parentage/magical reasons. So everything that happened to Adalind was about breaking her will so she'd agree to look for her baby and bring it back to the Royals instead of just finding her baby and going off on her own.

And the show was clearly having a blast making a couple of episodes' worth of "Adalind is tripping balls" scenes.
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Maybe it's setting the stage for her to do something really shocking.

My bet is by the end of the season Nick's mom will be found, she'll be killed protecting the Renard/Adalind baby, and Trubel will take over the job and head out on the run.

Also, Bud the Beaver has got some nerve, lecturing his beaver pal about who exactly is supposed to be keeping his mouth shut . . .
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Sometimes there just isn't time to give every character SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT TO BE DOING.

The problem with Juliette is that, most of the other characters fit into the scenes more organically. Hank is on the case. Reynard is on the case and/or has Royal/Wessen plot info. Monroe & Rosalee have Wessen info to provide, or need to whip up something in the spice shop. Wu is at the crime scene. Etc. But Juliette's initial arcs were all about her being outside the circle, and now that she's finally on the inside, there isn't much for her to do. I'm not sure what the writing solution is - maybe they need to give her some kind of supernatural ability, or maybe they need to re-establish that she has some kind of normal life going on outside of the main plot, I don't know. I'm just glad that they're not going to have a drawn out 'Nick wants his powers back but Juliette doesn't want him to' arc, that would have been tiresome.
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Adalind's trials were very Disney fairytale mashup and therefore both amusing and annoying to me.

Was this the first episode with actual gaslighting?

You mean other than how Hank and Nick treat Wu in EVERY episode?
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Poor Nick, actually having to have sex with his "rapist" (visually) who tried to kill him. Even knowing that's his girlfriend under there*, UGH, traumatizing. Can't imagine he'd get a boner enough to complete the act. Geez, what a plotline. I am happy that both he and Juliette are back on board with him re-Grimming, but still. I have read that the show is trying to have Juliette ponder leaving all this Grimm stuff behind, but I don't like that at all.

* and really, this is such a preposterous spell!

Yeah, sick of the traumatized Adelind plotline and I don't even like her.
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