Looking for Alaska: Limited Series
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Based on the best-selling book 'Looking For Alaska' by John Green. Miles (Pudge) Halter goes to a boarding school in search of "the great perhaps". There he meets Alaska, a young girl with whom he falls in love. In trying to learn all about Alaska, Pudge learns more about himself and the great perhaps.

Adapted for Hulu as a limited series by Josh Schwartz (The OC, Runaways).
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This is what it is: a nice, but not earth-shattering YA novel following the precocious outsider students coming of age with a central mystery format, adapted by stalwart teen TV writer/producer Josh Schwartz.

If you enjoy soapy teen dramas this one is based on slightly better than average source material and is reasonably well executed. Solidish stuff for binging while you fold laundry or ride the train to work.
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My main complaints are cultural:

-The Bufriedo? Do these American kids really think their Alabama lunch lady invented the chimichanga?
-Lara Buterskaya the Romanian Girl does not have a Romanian first name or a Romanian last name, does not look Romanian (not in the shape of her face or in her blond hair... unless it comes from a bottle, virtually every Romanian has some shade of brown hair), and sounds distinctly Russian, not Romanian. The part about her dad being a gastroenterologist who ended up owning and driving limos when his license didn't transfer is dead on though. That's a common story.
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Another weird/trifling note: the captions are hilariously specific on music. As an example, they not only cite Postal Service as the artist, but when the singing starts and there are captions for that, they say, "GIBBARD: [lyrics]" They accurately and specifically credit the singer.
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I read the book when I was in high school and had literally every song on the soundtrack on my iPod at the time (well, the originals anyways, not the covers.) Watching this brought back memories. It seemed like they kind of gave up on sticking to the 2005 date about halfway through the series but I enjoyed seeing people listening to The DaVinci code on CDs in the first episode!

I had no idea Sofia Vassiliev was still acting. I remember watching Medium back in the day because it was the only show on air set in Phoenix, with an 11 year old girl in it and I was 11 too. That being said, it was a bit jolting every time she was on screen and supposed to be a teenager when I'm well aware that the two of us are way closer to 30 than 17.
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Rolling Stone article about the soundtrack.

Loved the book.
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