Catherine the Great: Season 1
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I don't know if this has already broadcast in the UK, or if it's following the same weekly broadcast schedule as it will on HBO, but, I figure since it's only 4 episodes and is a historical drama/biopic, it doesn't really need individual episode threads.

I watched the HBO premiere on Monday, and, it didn't really wow me. The costumes and sets are beautiful, and Mirren is charismatic, but, it just didn't draw me in.
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Cough, spoilers, cough, will there be a stallion?
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I guess this is one for me to watch with the Spanish language track & subtitles. I don't speak Spanish so I don't have to hear actors doing their darndest with a clunky script. This one weird trick fixes many bad shows like Game of Thrones.
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Cough, spoilers, cough, will there be a stallion?
Might be mentioned though, they already hinted at it with the spreading of embarrassing lies about how Peter III died.
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Having finished watching the series a couple days ago - it was kind of a slog and I wish I hadn't bothered with it. Since I knew very little going in, there were things I found interesting to learn (and stuff I looked up between episodes to better understand what was happening). But the large age difference between Helen Mirren and Catherine the Great at the start was very confusing to me. I spent the first 2 or 3 episodes just trying to figure out how someone in their 70s could have a son so young. I'm not saying that an older actor can't portray someone younger but several decades is quite a stretch and enough to be distracting.

But the biggest issue I had was that I just did not care about a single character. It doesn't help that I get easily confused with large casts of men all dressed in white powdered wigs as they all end up looking the same to me and I struggle to keep track of who is who. I got through to the end because it's only 4 episodes and I felt committed to finishing. But I don't recommend it. I would, however, be interestyed in reading more about Catherine the Great and that period of Russian history as I did find that aspect intriguing but a little difficult to follow.
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