BoJack Horseman: Surprise!
October 30, 2019 10:28 AM - Season 6, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Todd organizes a surprise wedding for Pickles and Mr. Peanutbutter, but the party quickly goes off the rails when Mr. Peanutbutter makes a confession. "What's with all this mid-century furniture so close to the ground?" "No one had to hide in the '50s?"
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Another example of Todd doing something that could be a nice thing, which almost explodes, but doesn't quite, and he comes out fine. But I still can't hate that lovable scamp!

Is Pickles a Todd-like character? "Hey, Pickle Pack! Gettin' ready for another job interview. I think I'm just gonna lie about having experience. Right?"
"I got the job! I'm a systems analyst?"
"I got fired my first day as a systems analyst, but then I got a job as an air traffic controller!"
"I got fired my first day as an air traffic controller. But then I got a job as a waitress!"
"So, I've been seeing someone."

Meanwhile, Diane and BoJack's interaction was so happy-sad:

Diane: ... the reason I had to tell you I was leaving, the reason I came to my ex-husband's house, was because I need to know that you're gonna be okay. I need to hear you say it. I can't leave if I don't know you're going to be okay, BoJack.
BoJack: I'll be okay.
Diane: Promise? Because if something happens, and I'm in Chicago ...
BoJack: That's not a friendship, that's a hostage situation. Go to Chicago. I'll be fine.

They're both growing as people/ characters.
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The mid-century furniture line cracked me up beyond reasonable explanation.
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I love how this episode combined pathos and slapstick.
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