American Horror Story: The Lady in White
October 31, 2019 6:15 AM - Season 9, Episode 7 - Subscribe

In which Brooke and Donna make a new friend, Montana finds an old friend, and two faces we haven't seen around these parts in a while make a welcome return, one of them in maybe the worst wig this show has ever produced (which is saying a lot, if we're being honest).
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I didn't really expect the "reset" to work so... well?

Lily Rabe!

.. erm what just happened there at end on the dock?
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As far as I could tell, Mama Jingles convinced Benji/Mister Jingles to commit suicide. The idea being that, as a ghost, Ramirez won't be able to kill him, and he (Jingles) may be able to kill Ramirez. That would suck because they'd be stuck with each other there in the woods for all eternity (or until they're all finally ghostbusted, per Montana), but it would prevent Ramirez from going back to Alaska and killing the baby. Of course, if Ramirez escapes, Ghost Jingles can't pursue him, so suicide was probably kind of a dumb move. I'm not really sure why he listened to his mom, who openly hates him and literally told him she had sabotaged his only chance at a good life. That doesn't seem very smart.
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