The Great British Bake Off: Final
November 1, 2019 4:17 AM - Season 10, Episode 10 - Subscribe

The last three bakers face a signature, technical, and showstopper challenge, but one is named StarBaker of 2019.

The signature was a fairly straight forward chocolate cake challenge, the technical was a twice baked souffle, and the showstopper was an "optical illusion" challenge in which the bakers had to make cakes, breads, and rolls look like the offerings of a traditional picnic lunch.

Sandy struggles with the technical, Alice is concerned about her parents attending the event, but it's unflappable David who wins the day with his picnic.
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The signature challenge felt almost deceptively simple. The technical was obviously challenging. The final challenge struck me as something that could go again into the area of being less about actual baking and more about architecture. However, the bakers came through with some lovely and interesting treats like a carrot cake scotch egg and sausage rolls that are really fig cookies.

They did really ramp up the emotional drama a lot with both Alice's parents (their original flight was cancelled) and Sandy struggling with the technical and the show stopper. I really didn't appreciate that at all.

In more weird editing, we got insight into Alice's history of baking. I wish we had gotten more of that all season from ALL the bakers. It's really sweet to see the evolution of their interest. I still don't know how David got into this and I'd really like to!

Based on how this group was, I would definitely love to see them just baking together for fun for holidays and so forth. Not so much a challenge, but just a GBBO party where people make stuff in the tent and can even do things together, and then invite everyone round for entertainment and snackies.
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I think you mean Steph?

It was odd that it wasn't until the final that we got much background on the bakers; perhaps the production company are trying to save money by only doing segments for the finalists. I have to say the one with Steph made me feel slightly uncomfortable; there was an almost-throwaway comment from her mother to the effect that Steph had 'been in a bad place a year ago' and I wondered if there were hints of something difficult in her recent past. However, it also revealed that she's only been baking for a year, which (a) makes her achievement of four Star Baker awards even more impressive, but (b) explains some of her odd knowledge gaps.

The signature bake was indeed not that unusual but I took the challenge to be to do a common baking staple really well. The recipe for Steph's cake is up on the GBBO site and I'm going to try it this weekend.

Most of the people in the little Facebook discussion group I'm in for watching the programme together had the same reaction to the show-stopper entries: look amazing, but it would be really weird to eat them.

David's win is not so surprising in hindsight; out of ten technical challenges, he came first in two and second in six. That said, of course, both Helena and Rosie went out on weeks where they'd come first in the technical.
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I enjoyed the Bake Off this year although I have to watch it with my wife because it stresses me out when things go wrong.

The show has changed subtly since it shifted channels and not for the better. I still enjoy it but the show is edited in a slightly different way. There used to be more discussion about baking techniques and opinions - little asides where the hosts would ask the contestants what (and why) they were doing.
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I felt bad for Steph, the technical seemed to completely knock the confidence out of her, and while previously in this season she was nervous but performed really well, the show stopper just didn't happen for her. David had a well-deserved win.
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This fast-paced editing is really knocking my socks off, and not in a good way. Particularly in the technical there were times when the shots were moving so fast I was dizzy and had to look away! Bad enough the bakers are in a tizzy, do the viewers have to be also?

I thought David held it together very nicely and deserved the win. It was painful to watch Steph fall apart (with hints of overcoming trauma a year prior). And Alice's derail over her parents travel delay. I am always surprised at how attached these not-so-young people are to their mothers/parents. It seems to carry through all the shows. Not a bad thing necessarily, just an observation.

This seemed a particularly stressful series. I didn't like it, and that's quite a change for me. Radical even. I will go back and continue to re-watch the earlier series. But I think the switch to Channel 4 TV has done me in. It's a pity, because I still like the bakers, just not the temper of the show.
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I’m in agreement with the general opinion of the editing.

So again, I’d like to focus on my beacon of happiness in this whole season: Michael was such a joy in those final moments outside the tent: squeezing David’s elbow, excitedly hugging Alice, and sweeping Steph into a giant bear hug that gave her an enormous grin. (He even ran up to Noel very happily in the background of one of the interview shots, which gives me hope for Noel’s actual rapport with the contestants.) I’m not at all surprised that he’s been visiting folks all over afterward.

I’m glad to have gotten to watch such a lovely human on my television screen.
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Everything about Steph was stressing me out and upsetting me, ugh. I'm sure there was little way around it, because she'd started crying midway through the technical, but it seemed like there were a few unnecessary close-ups and lingering on her when they could have shown other things. As someone who often performs well in things until the end, where I choke, I found it frequently excruciating to watch. I'd been worried for Michael before, but things with Steph seemed much worse.

I was touched to see Paul hug her--I've read that Paul is actually nicer in general than Mary or Prue but that they emphasize his grumpy bear thing, but this was the first time I could believe that. Though him saying it didn't matter was...maybe not the best thing. Although terribly English, I suppose. And it was nice to see Sandy offer to keep Alice in the loop about her parents, and that the cameraman made sure to tell her right away.

Still, I think about Mel and Sue actually helping the bakers, holding things for them, etc., and it just feels like the presenters and judging are so different now. There's an intensity I don't like. It reminds me too much of Project Runway, especially after it moved to Lifetime, and it became all about Drama and Conflict and Kors being the Quip-Bot cruelty master and Nina narrowing her eyes at everyone.

I agree that Michael was truly a gift, especially this season, when we needed his humor and effervescence, as well as Henry's sly humor. I'm glad for David's win, in that he did always keep his temper and wits about him and was very consistent overall, but compared to so many of the BBC-era winners, he seems less knowledgeable and experienced. I hope he does great things with it, though, and he's so charming I can see him going places.
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I didn’t know David is a nurse. Or, maybe, I forgot. Makes sense that he was so cool and collected at the end. I feel awful for Steph. I feel like she had a lot of her sense of self bound up in the competition.

I thought Michael’s overalls were cute. He seems like a lovely person.

Anyway, hooray for David. I hope the producers make improvements next season.
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I disliked the technical: two distinct items? and one a double bake? This season's later technicals have felt out of the range of the bakers -- I can't tell if that's the technicals or the bakers and it's probably a bit of both -- and the difficulty of this one made me want to shout at everyone involved in choosing it. The previous chocolate souffle technical went off fairly well.

Showing Steph's confidence breaking, especially after her mom said she'd had such a bad year, seemed particularly mean. I really wanted to give her a hug and say, it's just cake. It brings us joy, but it's just cake. And who bought her those crap lemons that had no flavor in their zest? Not her fault at all!

On the other hand, I loved David's win. The showstoppers looked amazing. Everyone was happy to be back. Helena looked great. It's been really nice being able to discuss it here each week.
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Yeah, David's background really did serve him well to help offset areas where he was weak such as lacking knowledge in certain aspects of baking (such has never making choux prior to bake off). Being a nurse seems to help him deal with the pressure and stay focused and having once been and art/design student was very evident in all the work he has put into the presentation of his bakes. Especially doing things like building templates, etc. He knew how to plan and build the structures well. That basket was incredible.
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Yeah, this one brought up a lot of conflicting emotions. David took a lot of risks with unusual flavors over the season, and I'm so glad to see him finally get rewarded (or at least not punished) for it. He's the first winner who didn't get at least 1 Star Baker during series 2-10 (they didn't have Star Bakers in series 1), so it's an incredible underdog triumph.

But watching Steph collapse was just awful. I've seen many other bakers, often my favorites, cry at one point or another, but for some reason it didn't upset me as badly. Maybe because with the other bakers it felt like temporary frustration, and with Steph, it felt like it lingered. But it might be the editing as other people have noted.

Also, since he showed up in almost every one of the photos / videos of meetups at the end, I demand a special called "Michael Visits All of the Bakers."
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For those who might worry, having seen Steph in later interviews she seemed genuinely cheerful and feeling that the overall experience had been very positive for her.
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Creepygirl-it should be a holiday spectacular! And we definitely need Michael visiting Helena to see what kind of spooky treats she's whipping up for Christmas. (I love Christmas horror being born on december 20th. It would be an episode just for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.)

I would like Helena to get a special too. If anyone here watched The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, I imagine Helena could do something great like that. Her and some silly creepy puppets and lots of tasty treats! (I really wish they would bring that show back. It was so much fun!)
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Thank you to everyone who comments on this show, it's one of the reasons I finally got around to making a MeFi account! I've been so unhappy with this season of GBBO, but couldn't articulate exactly why. Reading comments about the editing, about the different style of hosting by Noel & Sandy, the criticism being harsher, have all helped me actually feel better (it wasn't just me having a bad day, it's DIFFERENT!). At tacohouse we've started rewatching older seasons and all of these things are noticeable. I have that happy glowing feeling at the end of the episode, I'm inspired by some of the bakes, happy seeing people doing well, generally ok with who's going home and why, and I have much more respect for Paul and Mary's criticisms as being just.
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The technical was annoying because it seemed the main problem was not enough time and not really a question of skill per se. if things would be different just for 15 more minutes, I’m always disappointed. I know at some level it’s all time but this just seemed to lean too heavily on that. But I love that David won with his weirdo flavors.
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I was kind of pulling for David. I appreciated his level-headedness and chill and of course when I saw he was a nurse that definitely fell into place. (Why did I think he was a fitness instructor? Was that one of the earlier-eliminated bakers?) It kind of felt like he kept his ability to learn, so the stuff that he didn't come into the tent on day one being able to do he was able to improve while there. Not everyone can do that, stress inhibits learning.

I do really miss getting to know all the bakers better. It took me ages this time around to be able to tell some of them apart in the early weeks. I don't need everyone to have some kind of heartstrings sob story like they try to do for athletes during the Olympics, but I like to hear about their jobs and their other hobbies and their families. Often, like with David (and Kim-Joy last year) knowing those things about them brings their baking into better context. (Rahul remains a cipher other than just being a vessel for his neuroses.)

Despite the fact that I have in fact made souffles in the past and used a bain Marie for multiple things, I was sitting there on the couch telling my son that a bain Marie is with cold water, as the bakers were hemming and hawing over that puzzle, so I would have definitely failed the technical. I'm not really a baker, but I am a pretty seasoned home cook so as much as people may be scandalized over someone having never made a choux bun I was pretty shocked at how flummoxed they were over a roux.
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I thought they might give the win to Alice since they seemed to prefer her style overall, but I was pleasantly surprised when they gave it to David. He'd been chugging along steadily throughout the competition and I enjoyed his quiet and wry sense of humour. Poor Steph, though. "Ten weeks was one week to many" indeed.

I haven't disliked this season as much as some of you have, but I do hope they rethink the technicals for next year. I doubt the viewership would mind if they went "back to basics" and were asked to make something familiar like a macaron, because then the bakers would know that it would have to be the most perfect macaron ever. Maybe they could even give some time to talk about what makes a perfect macaron and how to achieve one, etc.

Finally, regarding the technical knowledge that people are meant to come into the tent with, I made a quick list and will no longer tut over a contestant who doesn't know how to make choux pastry or whatever. Because I can imagine all of these things being considered "common baking knowledge" for a contestant: 1. basic bread dough, 2. basic cookie dough (+ shortbread), 3. meringue (+Swiss and Italian styles), 4. buttercream (Italian and Swiss), 5. pastry dough (rough puff, full puff, short crust, hot water, choux), 6. basic sponge cake (+genoise, angel, chiffon), 7. lemon curd, 8. jam, 9. chocolate work, 10. caramel/sugar work, 11. ganache, 12. mousse, etc. In short, I will never forgive Prue for giving "make a sabayon" as an instruction for the technical.
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I know it's never really been the show's thing* to suggest that the results of a given episode aren't vitally important, but I was hoping against hope throughout the whole episode that someone would tell Steph, or at least say it of her, that at this point she really didn't need to prove anything to anyone.

I'm not sure "oh dear, what are we going to do about your confidence problem" has ever actually been helpful to anyone.

Also the editing made it look like Sandi knew what was going on with Alice's parents before she asked her about "the most important thing", which I really hope wasn't the case!

Anyway, I really liked the bakers this year. And I have to admit I got a perverse kick out of Alice's "if you have good management you don't need good luck" parents having to rely on luck (I'm glad they got that luck in the end though!)

*Except for Mel and Sue, on extreme occasions ("it's just a cake-" "no it isn't-" "yes it is, it really is just a cake")
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Regarding the technicals, I've always wondered how even in the cases where a baker will say they've never made or heard of something and have no idea how to do it, they generally still manage to make something more or less along the right lines. Like, if you don't actually know what a roux or a sabayon is, or how to make choux, how likely are you to hit on the right recipe without any additional information? I'm curious if hints are allowed, or if it really is all about looking around at what the others are doing and trying to get clues that way.
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trig, I have often wondered about that! Despite all the times it seemed clear someone would have nothing for the judges, that just doesn't happen (Bingate notwithstanding).

Ugh, I have a mostly favorable impression of goofy Noel but he doesn't seem to have great instincts re: standing too close and making people feel uncomfortable. This time I was saying, leave Steph alone, jebus!
The very end showing so many of the contestants visiting each other was really one of my favorite parts! Wouldn't you love a one-off show with all the contestants getting a full day to make some spectacular thing? I really enjoy these people and want to see them do more and interact more.

Must see if I can find some other similar shows mentioned by folks. I still watch Project Runway but agree the staged drama often overshadows the better parts. The glass blowing and pottery shows are pretty good though sometimes with even more heartbreaking fails than Bake Off. Another good-natured making show people might like is Money For Nothing (just 1 season) where the host saves stuff from the garbage, has various artisans re-purpose the items, and then gives the profits back to the original owners. (Though unfortunately you don't get as much of the art/making parts as I would like.)
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Well, I'm glad David and his flavours won. I was pleasantly unsurprised to learn that he has a background in art and design. I noticed his neatness and eye for aesthetically pleasing designs from episode one and he's stood out throughout the series, often reminding me of more minimalist Frances from series 4.
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So I tried a few eps of Great Australian Bake Off, which is very interesting. The hosts definitely have a better vibe with contestants and it made me instantly relax. The thing I wish they ALSO had was educational segments because unsurprisingly there is a lot of stuff I've never heard of. It would be helpful to have a bit of background on it.
posted by miss-lapin at 5:43 AM on November 4, 2019

Really glad David won, I've liked him all season. I also really liked that the signature was something basic & would love to see things like that in the final each time. Going to go back and watch an old season now that this one is done...also I'm going to try to make the maids of honor!
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I liked David a lot, when his bakes turn out well, he was extremely self-satisfied, which I mean in the best possible way--like he was thinking to himself, "damn, I am just the best fucking baker ever, I'm killing it here". That's one of the things I like most about the show, someone pouring their heart into their project, then realizing it came out well, and letting the viewer vicariously appreciate that. He also never seemed too put-out when things didn't go well for him.

Has there ever been another overall winner who never got star baker? I seem to remember there was one other time that one of the finalists was someone who had never won, and had in fact seemed to always be teetering on the edge of elimination over the whole series, but she didn't win the final either. All the pre-channel 4 seasons kind of blend together for me since I watched them over the course of 2-3 months.

I also grew to love Alice and Steph as well, I was glad Alice did so well on her signature so she could finish on a high-note, wish Steph could have as well. I also doubt that Alice didn't actually know how to make a roux, I feel like that must have been been exaggerating or meaning she was not at all expert in such things. In any event, my heart sank when Steph put cold water in her bain marie, all that cold water is a huge heat sink and I knew her souffles would never have time to cook properly at that point. She's so talented and driven, I think she could have won if that had gone differently, based on her previous domination I think they would have given it to her if it was even close to a tie.

Oh, and David, how can you not know that like 80% of the time when someone bakes something flavored with liquor the judges end up saying it's overpowering!?? That cake looked and sounded amazing, aside from an extra shot of argmagnac or so, he dominated the weekend.

As for timing on technicals, or really any event, I think you need to have a time as a significant element or else the end results would be too uniform and judging would end up being too fussy. Like if every time someone screwed up an element, they had time to just do it again, they'd end up having to judge on extremely minute details, and the person who has the expertise to get their puff pastry or creme patissiere right the first time gets no advantage. This technical challenge was tough but completely fair in my opinion, and it was impressive as hell that David knew or at least figured out how to get his crackers so thin. Steph is an amazing baker, and given an extra hour I'm sure she'd figure out how to do it, and she'd use hot water for her bain marie and then they'd end up picking the winner on how orderly the garnish was arranged on top or something.
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My girlfriend's reaction to the final was "I'm kind of glad that Steph didn't win, because she needs to internalize that she doesn't need to be The Best Every Time to be an amazing baker".

For all the Noel has been fecking annoying this season, the moment when he gently snapped Steph out of her spin-out was sweet.
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I loved that the signature was simply a chocolate cake. In a way, it's a more difficult challenge than something really specific. It's hard to come up with something when you have so few parameters!

I also really liked the picnic baskets--they were so cute, and required a variety of skills but not a lot of trying to build giant towers of things which is always way too stressful to watch.

However, I hated how they focused so much on Steph being upset. I thought David really did deserve to win, but I had a hard time being happy for him when Steph was so sad.
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Am I the only one who thinks maple is a weird thing to combine with chocolate?
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sevenyearlurk: Am I the only one who thinks maple is a weird thing to combine with chocolate?

I find myself having to question the validity of the "Toronto, ON" location in your Metafilter profile.
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Crystallized maple flakes in dark chocolate is divine! I also sometimes make chocolate chip cookies sweetened with dark amber maple syrup, and my chocolate ganache is often made with (dark amber) maple syrup. Mmm, how else can we combine choco and maple?
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Has there ever been another overall winner who never got star baker?

Not since they added the Star Baker designation in Series 2. I trawled through wikipedia's list of star bakers to confirm.

Also, there seemed to be a feeling that since Steph had the most SBs during the season, she should be the overwhelming favorite to win the whole thing. So I looked to see if the results of the previous series fit that pattern:

Series 2: Winner Jo (1 SB), Finalist Holly (2 SB), Finalist Mary Anne (0 SB)
Series 3: Winner John (1 SB), Finalist James (3 SB), Finalist Brendan (2 SB)
Series 4: Winner Frances (1 SB), Finalist Ruby Tandoh (3 SB), Finalist Kimberly (2 SB)
Series 5: Winner Nancy (1 SB), Finalist Richard (5 SB!) Finalist Luis (1 SB)
Series 6: Winner Nadiya (3 SB), Finalist Ian (3 SB) Finalist Tamal (1 SB)
Series 7: Winner Candace (3 SB), Finalist Jane (1 SB), Finalist Andrew (2 SB)
Series 8: Winner Sophie (2 SB), Finalist Kate (1 SB), Finalist Steven (3 SB)
Series 9: Winner Rahul (2 SB), Finalist Kim-Joy (2 SB), Finalist Ruby Bhogal (2 SB)

Half of the winners (series 2-5) had won Star Baker only once.

5 out of 8 times (Series 2-5, and series 7), the winner beat a finalist who had won more SBs.

2 out of 8 times (Series 6 and 9), the winner was tied for the most SBs with another finalist(s).

The only finals winner who had the most SBs outright was Candace in Series 7.

So Steph dominating weeks 1-9 AND winning the final would be pretty unusual for the show, and maybe it was an unfair expectation to place on her.
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Gah, missed the edit window.

That should read:

5 out of 8 times (Series 2-5, and series 8), the winner beat a finalist who had won more SBs.
posted by creepygirl at 10:48 PM on November 4, 2019

He sounds delightful. Funny to hear that Henry was helping test his bakes after he got kicked off.
posted by skewed at 7:28 AM on November 6, 2019 [1 favorite]

That was an unexpectedly amazing profile.

Here's an article Michael wrote about his experience.
posted by trig at 7:40 AM on November 6, 2019 [1 favorite]

Oh man that article Michael wrote....right in the feels.

It's lovely to read that the production team and even Noel supported Michael with his anxiety attack. I'm pleased that they didn't show it, but it would be nice if we saw more of Noel's supportive side and less of his "pardon me while I snark about your tie at an inopportune moment."

And of course, our little Hufflepuff played the Harry Potter theme. Of course he did.
posted by miss-lapin at 7:59 AM on November 6, 2019

I'm glad Michael seems happy with his experience on the show.

Last season there was a shot of Noel tearing up while hugging one of the contestants who had just been eliminated (can't remember which), and it came as a complete surprise to me because I didn't recall any footage of any bonding between the two (as they did for with Noel and Helena, for example).
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Seems like Noel might also be a victim of crap editing.
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I was so angry with Alice's parents for even telling her that they might not be there. Why put all that stress on her, at what is already likely the most stressful moment of her life?
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Yeah I can see that not being a great move.

Having said that, my parents were in medicine and missed some seriously important events in my life because of emergencies. It was easier to deal with knowing they wouldn't be there in advance than expecting them to be there and being heart broken when they weren't.

Getting an award and then looking out and realizing your parents aren't there is...gutting. I know of what I speak.
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I think I come down on the side of it being a mistake in this particular case because 1) they knew when they first talked to her that they still might be able to make it and 2) her ability to focus and be in a positive frame of mind were crucial to her success over the next few hours, but yeah, it could go either way. Partly it comes down to knowing your kid and their personality.
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Aaaaah ok. This season was disappointing but I’m back in in order to see Sister Michael bake.
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Aaaaah ok. This season was disappointing but I’m back in in order to see Sister Michael bake.

WTF!?! This better be on Netflix.
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From a short interview with Steph on the GBBO website:

My lowest moment was when Michael left, he became my sidekick and I struggled without him, generally losing someone each week was really tough.

From Michael's article that Trig linked above:

Immediately following the challenge there was a flurry of support from the production team, Noel and Sandi and, of course, my wonderful fellow bakers. I went for a long, calming walk with Steph where we talked about everything and nothing through mouths full of ice cream. Before stepping into the tent, we had been told we were to become a family and never had this felt more true.

Goddamnit, Bake Off, this Michael/Steph supportive friendship is the kind of stuff I would have liked to have seen/heard about during the course of the show.
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Precisely Creepygirl. The editing is always focused on building drama and totally forgets to show that, which is the stuff I love. Like show more of that please!
posted by miss-lapin at 12:28 AM on November 10, 2019

For those who share my abiding fondness for Henry, he recently appeared on two episodes of a cute, low rent YouTube series. Here he is baking a cake from memory using completely inadequate kitchen tools and here he is carving pumpkins for Halloween (also with hilariously inadequate tools).
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I haven't been commenting, but I've watched this season and just didn't like it. I didn't like the focus on younger, more reality-show style contestants; I didn't like that they focussed on crying instead of Sue & Mel's tactic of swearing so they couldn't be filmed; I don't like Paul's increasing misogyny (either true or via editing, though given how he hands out his handshakes it's not entirely edited in -- but his palpable dislike of Helena and Alice was unpleasant to watch); I don't like how we're pretending they're supposed to be professionals now and not home bakers who are just very good; I don't like how the judging is being framed as objective reality from the gods. I really loved this show, but it's turning into something that just makes me angry, and I'm sad about that.
posted by jeather at 6:27 PM on November 12, 2019

No more Sandi. She's quitting to spend more time on other projects.
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They're going to have to write a new joke.
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