The Good Place: The Podcast: Ch. 45: Ben Koldyke, "Brent" | Lizzy Pace, Writer | Steve Day, Director
November 7, 2019 3:26 PM - Subscribe

The Good Place: The Podcast's host Marc Evan Jackson sits down with Ben Koldyke (Brent), writer Lizzy Pace and director Steve Day to shoot the shirt about Season 4, Episode 6, "A Chip Driver Mystery." Ben talks about auditioning for Allison Jones, his time as a quarterback at Dartmouth College and how he got into acting at a late age. Lizzy reveals how Mike Schur surprised her by giving her an episode to write, the inspiration for "Chip Driver" and how the character is an homage to Michael Scarn from The Office. Steve describes the difference between directing and assistant directing on The Good Place and his excitement when Mike Schur told him he'll be directing a Season 4 episode. Be sure to subscribe for more behind-the-scenes stories, performance notes and shirt-ton more!
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The best revelation of this podcast is that significant portions of ‘Six Feet Under Par: A Chip Driver Mystery’ were actually written.
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That and how Ben Koldyke spent a lot of time watching the Kavanaugh hearings when preparing for the role as Brent.

NBC is falling down so much on merch for this show. Why there isn't a Chip Driver book or t-shirts or commemorative cactus pots or marbles or Lonely Girl Margarita Mix is such a mystery to me.
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