American Horror Story: Final Girl
November 14, 2019 6:54 AM - Season 9, Episode 9 - Subscribe

AHS 1984 concludes.
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*Wow, Brooke looks great! Tho' the show hung a lantern on how little effort was made to make Emma Roberts look 60+, I did appreciate subtle wrinkles and touches of silver that you kinda had to squint to see. I mean, we have to suspend a lot of disbelief on this show, but the makeup department didn't just totally coast there.

*Richard Ramirez died in prison IRL in 2013. Killing him over and over for eternity sounds like a fucking chore, but there's no wifi out at Camp Redwood.

*I've always hated "In the Living Years."

*This was fun. I'm hoping next season is something a little more grown-up, but we'll all be so terrified at this time next year that another jokey storyline might be fine, too.
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Totally agree that Emma Roberts' makeup and the line about marrying a dermatologist was pretty sly.

Good lord, Billie Lourd! She is great at 'her one role' but she's trying something a little different, I guess.

The cell phone gag was cute, but oddly subdued. A modern high end smartphone is something "beyond Star Trek" in 1984 (ST:III SfS was released in 1984, following Wrath of Khan in '82).

The Motorola DynaTAK was released in 1984 (the beige brick); before that, there were "car phones" that were like M.A.S.H. era Army radios. It cost about $4k 1984 bucks - my mom got a mid-range Motorola cell phone in 1990 and the look was very similar, but only half as deep (improvements in battereis, mostly). Cell phones in 2013, 6 years ago, kinda look like Playmobil toys or an Apple iBook Toilet Seat but still a "smartphone."

I liked this season a lot more than I expected, and there are definitely seasons that I hate. Above average, but a lot of fun. Did like the balance between serious-dark and silly - but Scream Queens achieves the serious thing by being overly silly much better. SQ is dark AF.

Looking back, S2 Asylum was incredible and creepy and serious and a vast jump in quality over S1, S3 Coven was a little lighter and fun yet uncomfortable, S4 Freak Show regressed a bit and was a little problematic but was still good and creepy, S5 Hotel was incredible - but leaned heavily on the actors. S6, S7, S8 I can pass on.

I'm more Nirvana than Billy Idol/ Michael Jackson (coming of age-wise) so the 80s nostalgia was a wash.
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Very sad that kittens for breakfast's prediction of Evan Peters as Billy Idol wasn't correct.
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I strongly suspect the role of Billy Idol was a carrot he did not take. I mean!
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