American Horror Story: Final Girl
November 14, 2019 6:54 AM - Season 9, Episode 9 - Subscribe

AHS 1984 concludes.
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*Wow, Brooke looks great! Tho' the show hung a lantern on how little effort was made to make Emma Roberts look 60+, I did appreciate subtle wrinkles and touches of silver that you kinda had to squint to see. I mean, we have to suspend a lot of disbelief on this show, but the makeup department didn't just totally coast there.

*Richard Ramirez died in prison IRL in 2013. Killing him over and over for eternity sounds like a fucking chore, but there's no wifi out at Camp Redwood.

*I've always hated "In the Living Years."

*This was fun. I'm hoping next season is something a little more grown-up, but we'll all be so terrified at this time next year that another jokey storyline might be fine, too.
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Totally agree that Emma Roberts' makeup and the line about marrying a dermatologist was pretty sly.

Good lord, Billie Lourd! She is great at 'her one role' but she's trying something a little different, I guess.

The cell phone gag was cute, but oddly subdued. A modern high end smartphone is something "beyond Star Trek" in 1984 (ST:III SfS was released in 1984, following Wrath of Khan in '82).

The Motorola DynaTAK was released in 1984 (the beige brick); before that, there were "car phones" that were like M.A.S.H. era Army radios. It cost about $4k 1984 bucks - my mom got a mid-range Motorola cell phone in 1990 and the look was very similar, but only half as deep (improvements in battereis, mostly). Cell phones in 2013, 6 years ago, kinda look like Playmobil toys or an Apple iBook Toilet Seat but still a "smartphone."

I liked this season a lot more than I expected, and there are definitely seasons that I hate. Above average, but a lot of fun. Did like the balance between serious-dark and silly - but Scream Queens achieves the serious thing by being overly silly much better. SQ is dark AF.

Looking back, S2 Asylum was incredible and creepy and serious and a vast jump in quality over S1, S3 Coven was a little lighter and fun yet uncomfortable, S4 Freak Show regressed a bit and was a little problematic but was still good and creepy, S5 Hotel was incredible - but leaned heavily on the actors. S6, S7, S8 I can pass on.

I'm more Nirvana than Billy Idol/ Michael Jackson (coming of age-wise) so the 80s nostalgia was a wash.
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Very sad that kittens for breakfast's prediction of Evan Peters as Billy Idol wasn't correct.
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I strongly suspect the role of Billy Idol was a carrot he did not take. I mean!
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For the first few episodes of this season I thought it was the dullest season yet. I'm very glad I powered through, as it got much better as it went along. I loved the ending, but I've always had a soft spot for "The Living Years."

Am I correct in thinking that the only connection to other seasons was the mention in the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous sequence in "Episode 100" that Briar Cliff Manor was among Margaret's holdings?
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