Critical Role: Titles and Tattoos
November 14, 2019 8:56 AM - Season 2, Episode 84 - Subscribe

Having survived the dangers of the Folding Halls, the Mighty Nein must now grapple with the gravity of Obann’s plot and decide who in the Empire they can possibly trust...
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(with apologies to booksherpa; I noticed that this episode hadn't been posted yet and it is Thursday)
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Backstabbed during the shopping episode!?!

(I'll have more thoughts later, but man, that was very effective and I'm putting that in my DM back pocket)

Also, wondering what Pumat is going to do - they better not wreck his shop!
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It's an interesting choice for Matt to go after them at a time when they thought they were safe.
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Thanks, nubs, it’s been a hectic week!

Taliesin’s face during that scene was a journey! I’ll confess to wondering if Matt picked Caduceus to be attacked because the assassin has studied the M9 and knows he is a cleric and is perceptive, or if Matt picked Taliesin because of their long relationship and level of trust. Probably a little of both.

I wonder if we’ll get to see Pumat(s) fight?!
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Okay, my grand theory: The final boss battle will just be the Mighty Nein having to do chair settings for the council of Tal'dorei.

But really, this episode had so many good moments! Nott with the gem, Caleb pulling Nott away from the Gem, the tattoo choices, Caleb and Caduceus and Fjord talking about destiny (I usually get annoyed at Liam wanting to stop everything for a scene, but it worked this time), Ormid being really into fuzzy creatures.
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Really loving some of the tattoo fan art this week (some of it may be mildly NSFW).
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I have an odd question. I listen to CR in podcast form. Started in Season 2.

In nearly any given episode, someone calls a "cocked" die, sometimes several in a row, sometimes with brief discussion about whether or not it's really cocked. Sometimes Matt seems a little irritated.

I take it they roll dice in a tray holding their other dice? Is that right?

It happens so often, I wonder why they haven't fixed the issue by rolling in an empty tray. Not like they couldn't get one from Wyrmwood. Is the table real estate so tight that's not possible? Or does it just not bother them?
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The table real estate is tight, yes, and they use dice trays. The trays contain a slot for your spare/not in use dice (which works for some, but not all - Laura in particular has a bazillion dice). Sometimes the dice get cocked on other dice, but they also get cocked on the edges of the tray. And they sometimes roll vigorous enough for dice to bounce outside the tray to all of the hazards on the table.

Matt's occasional irritation with it is that they sometimes try to use the "cocked die" reason to get a re-roll at critical moments; the usual test should be to see if another die can sit on top of die in question (if it can, it is not cocked), but they can be pretty quick to declare something cocked and re-roll it. It's a bit of a quirk at their table. (Frankly, I'm more aghast at Sam's technique of just dropping the die into the tray - it's not a roll!)
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Thanks, nubs!

The die-on-die thing explains something Liam said an ep or so ago, which is what started me thinking about this. Why have rules for clarifying cocked dice instead of mitigating them?

Table quirk, indeed. At my first games back in high school, the DM *quickly* got tired of us calling out bad rolls. (We said "jacked" instead of "cocked.") So we used a box lid in the middle of the table.
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I think there's some challenges with mitigation. The lack of space (they get crammed side by side so the cameras can see everyone), and everyone has an iPad, notebook, and dice trays in front of them. The centre of the table is reserved for the battlemaps.

So while part of the dicetrays is about the sponsorship from Wyrmwood, part of it is an attempt to keep everyone somewhat self-contained and keep dice from going all over the place. (Which is what happens where I play; not many cocked dice, but the occasional roll that bounces across the table through everything, or finds its way to the floor. I've actually been using an old travel backgammon set as a combination dice holder/dice tray, which is great but a little bulky.)
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lol at Matt fixing his pronunciation of quay.
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I happened to pause it right when Mercer was getting into the surprise attack on Taliesin's PC, and then I noticed that there was a very good range of expressions going on in the screenshot.

Matt: Extreme seriousface
Travis: Waiting for clues.
Marisha: Concern for Taliesin
Liam: "Matt, what are you up to"
Sam: Delighted dark curiosity
Laura: OH WUH
Taliesin: Your coming after ME, you fucker??
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