Charlie's Angels (2019)
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When a young systems engineer blows the whistle on a dangerous technology, Charlie's Angels are called into action, putting their lives on the line to protect us all.
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i've watched it twice, and i've really enjoyed both times! initially, the whole 'action movie auteur' vibe (as Elizabeth Banks is acting, writing, directing, and producing) strikes me as funny but if she wants to, she deserves the title.

It's more of a rebootquel rather than an outright reboot, and fittingly updates the politics of the 00s movies (which itself updated the 1970s show) in that same frothy tone. it can be a bit long at parts (lol worldbuilding), but it all hangs together. It's fun! If you're into this sort of thing, go for it.
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Bummer this is bombing, I really like Banks sense of humor, hope this will not wipe out her career. I'll probably only see it streaming, but that could be in a few weeks. I think it's at the end of the super-spy-hero trend, it seems like it's hard to know where those stories can go, the Kingsmen basically destroy the world each 'episode' and what effort could out do giant stunts of Mission Impossible. In this wacko world of ours clever topical dialog must be really tricky.
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lol worldbuilding

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(That's a good exclamation point, for the "lol," the "worldbuilding," and the "lol worldbuilding.")
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Oh! I had missed that this had actually been released (which says something about the studio support this is getting, although also something about my media consumption lately). I am a sucker for women competently kicking ass, so I will likely go see it in the theater modulo scheduling. If not, I am totally paying $ to stream it.
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Yeah I was initially hesitant, and looking at the reviews... And then I remembered what happened with Dark Fate, and honestly dude reviewers (generally) ain't shit.

Like I said, I've watched it twice on opening weekend (I was so hyped after the first when I bumped into a friend who was interested, it didn't take much), and every time, I keep overhearing ppl inc kids going, wow it's so good.

Banks has a winner here, no doubt. But I do notice there's a general low-key backlash against any 'representation' projects (as perceived!). I really hope it gains legs tho, only because ppl genuinely seems buzzed after they actually watch it.
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I was torn about this one as the preview looked great but pitch perfect 2 was execrable and her direction was pretty awful (terrible editing).
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However you had persuaded me! I'm going on Wednesday and will report back.
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We saw it yesterday (in a mostly-empty theater, sadly) and really enjoyed it. I liked how it both played with and subverted a lot of the classic tropes.
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I saw this tonight largely because of this thread and while I can't say it was great, I can say it was great fun. Both Stewarts are scene- stealing delights.
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Yeah that is how I felt, good - not great - fun.

It had a kinda simple, straight, old school vibe which I really enjoyed.

Cast and characters were good - except for the new recruit, it's such a thankless role, I wish they had given her more spunk/personality to match the other girls.

The fight scenes were, as I had feared, mostly shot and edited terribly. Very incoherent. Close up jump cuts are never a good choice. And it nearly ruined the dance scene too which is super disappointing. There are so many directors that get this right - soderbergh shooting carano in Heywire, for example. Just copy them!

Loved all the subtle and overt feminist touches through out the film.

I'm kinda bemused it's not doing better tbh. It may have less personality and flatter direction, but I think it's much better than the McG movies in many ways.
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Just saw it and it was big silly fun. The editing of the fight scenes wasn't great, but I liked the overall choreography of the coffee shop fight sequence with the level changes with tables like a violent game of Pengo or something, and I'm a sucker for very close quarters fighting, so the bathroom stall bit was nice.

And a very fun set of cameos.
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The fight scenes have some quotable moments. I already see the 'baby baby, I'm your girlfriend now!' headbutt gifsets flying around but Jane's badass, 'you have seven moves... And I know all of them' is just pure kungfu schlock. And her, 'you think you beat me the last two times, BUT I WAS LEARNING.' was aaaaaah.
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