Splash (1984)
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T.hanksgiving Movie Club An Oscar nominated, 80s take on The Little Mermaid with Daryl Hannah, Eugene Levy, John Candy, and a fresh-faced Tom Hanks with Ron Howard directing. Mermaid rescues boy. Mermaid falls in love with man. 

According to rumor, this could have starred Travolta and Sigourney Weaver or Dudley Moore and Anjelica Houston and many other interesting combos. 

More trivia: ‎The angry customer who is screaming to Allen about his cherries is director Ron Howard's real-life father, Rance.

When Madison watches television at the department store, the little boy in the toothpaste commercial is Emmanuel Lewis (see imdb.com).‎

Mistakes to look out for:
‎When Madison enters Bloomingdale's, you can see the reflection of Ron Howard in one of the mirrors.‎

After Madison dives into the sea after meeting Allen for the first time, she swims off in a t-shirt. She was naked before she got in the water.

‎When Madison walks towards the people after she transforms, she is visibly wearing a pair of jeans. She should be naked.‎
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The movie responsible for the scourge of the name "Madison."
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Holy crap, it IS. From the wiki page on the name:

The rise in popularity is due to the 1984 movie Splash, where Daryl Hannah plays a mermaid who adopts the name "Madison" in her human form after seeing a street sign for Madison Avenue. When she makes this selection, Tom Hanks's character initially protests: "But Madison isn't a name!"
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