Deep Red (1975)
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Dario Argento's giallo to end all gialli from 1975. An engineer jazz pianist witnesses a murder and becomes obsessed with finding the killer, no matter how creepy the hallway, how Art Nouveau the spooky mansion, or how loud the Goblin.
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It's been forever since I've seen this and I'm still distressed by the teeth bashing scene. I always liked what Argento said about the violence in that scene. Seeing someone get shot in a movie, while awful, is not an experience that everyone has personally had and can relate to. But everyone knows what it feels like to accidentally bump their teeth/mouth on something. So there's an immediate, visceral reaction by the audience because we can relate to what that actually feels like, if not as severely as the poor character.

A couple years after seeing the movie, I accidentally broke a tooth on the edge of a table (bent down to pick up something I dropped while in a dark room, oops!). So yeah, that scene flashed in my mind as I was bleeding from the mouth.
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I watched Bird With the Crystal Plumage just before watching this. Deep Red feels like a sweet spot in terms of style and straightforwardness.

Like when the protagonist hacks apart the secret wall in the mansion, and it's just shown somewhat realistically as a thing that takes a little time and determination. In other movies things would be going stylistically insane but Deep Red is kind of weird-but-grounded. Just like a really synthy 12 bar blues I guess.
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