Adventure Time: Everything's Jake
November 25, 2014 7:12 AM - Season 6, Episode 18 - Subscribe

The Magic Man makes Jake explore the world inside himself.
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Considering all the voice work, it's almost an Adventure Time/Futurama crossover.
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I liked how a lot of the objects have a break in the outlines where they touch the ground or whatever to show how everything's connected.
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i really enjoyed the "navel gazing" metaphor
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I was a little distracted by trying to visualize the topographic contortions necessary for the Jakelings to walk, but this was a really great episode. I think my favorite bit was Addamkinson/Farnsworth being horrified at Finnthulu/Zoidberg.
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I like that Jake basically murdered all the little peeps when he went back to normal. Pretty dark (as usual for Adventure Time).
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My only (gross) question is: What were they trying to eat? Whatever it was lifted completely off the plate (that is, it didn't appear to be connected to Jake the way the Jakelings were), so I presume it wasn't a part of Jake. I can only guess this was undigested food Jake had eaten earlier, although that doesn't explain why he couldn't bite into it. I go into this knowing full well there can be no explanation that is not totally repugnant.
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He couldn't bite into it because it was part of his body and it hurt. There was one thing not part of his body at the party, though - there's a big Jake statue holding up a Candy Kingdom coin. Also at the party was an orange, Jake-themed version of Botticelli's The Birth of Venus, and other pieces of Jake-themed art.
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Yo dog I heard you like cave allegories.
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Oh hey, Billy West's greatest Futurama hits!

Made me think about global warming. It also made me think about the Futurama episode "Godfellas".

I always feel like I need to watch every episode again but then I get distracted and forget.
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Is it just me, or is AV getting weirder?
posted by signal at 11:34 AM on December 3, 2014

It flew its weird flag pretty high even in the first season, lately though, it's really been mining ennui mixed with its weirdness. Not something you see much on tv.
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I had an almost obsessive trait of watching to insure every item inside of Jake in the city of Jaketown, filled with Jakeobites, was at any one point still connected to Jake.

This was kind of unusually not as much of a jerk thing for Magic Man to do, given how he usually operates, but totally random none the less. He's been very random as of late.

I loved how even the architecture of the city mimicked Jake's appearance, such as archways resembling his jowls.

This episode also made me weep slightly for Futurama. It wasn't the great Futurama that was canceled, when it was canceled, but it was still quite enjoyable...and it's a tribute that Adamkinson decided he literally didn't want to live on his planet anymore.

Another fun Adventure Time episode, woot woot!
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