Six Feet Under: Singing For Our Lives
November 30, 2019 7:16 PM - Season 5, Episode 8 - Subscribe

A dog walker tries to roller blade down too steep an incline. Nate, David, and Rico realize they have completely divergent visions for the future of Fisher & Diaz. Ruth gets a haircut and more from her old flame Hiram. Nate and Brenda attend Quaker meeting, and then Nate and Maggie have a Friends meeting of their own. David and Keith find out that Durrell has been joyriding in Keith's car. Claire and Ted strike a deal to go together to his former frat's pub night, and her former classmates' art show. Rico and Vanessa continue to try to get their marriage back on track. And Nate's arm suddenly becomes numb.

The obituary from this episode:

Pilar Sandoval (1970 - 2005)

Pilar Sandoval - Nuestra bella hija dejo este mundo el dia viernes 14 de Mayo rumbo a la vida eterna. En esta tierra dejo a sus padres, Ernesto y Placida y a sus hermanos Jorge, Jervacio y Alejandro y a sus hermanas Ileana y Marita. Pilar tenia una coneccion muy especial con los animales y les ayudo toda su vida atraves de su carrera. Su sueno siempre fue abrir un negocio llamado "Ninera de animales" para ayudar a los duenos de mascotas que estuvieran muy ocupados a cuidar a sus animalitos. Disfrutaba mucho cantar y bailar y era la luz de los ojos de su padre. Fuimos muy afortunados y bendecidos por haberla tenido en nuestras vidas y le pedimos a la Virgen Maria que la cuide y la tenga en sus brazos hasta que nos volvamos a encontrar en el cielo. Funeraria Fisher & Diaz en Los Angeles de 10:00 am a 4:00 pm.

Se haran donaciones a nombre de Pilar a Noah's Bark en Los Angeles, una asociacion dedicada a encontrar hogares a perros callejeros.

I regret that I don't know any Spanish, but an online translation site gave me this, which I've edited as best I could to remove obvious mechanical mistakes:

Pilar Sandoval - Our beautiful daughter left this world on Friday May 14 for eternal life. In this land she leaves her parents, Ernesto and Placida, and her brothers Jorge, Jervacio and Alejandro, and their sisters Ileana and Marita. Pilar had a very special connection with animals and helped them all her life and throughout her career. Her dream was always to open a business called "Animal Ninera", to help pet owners who were very busy by looking after their little animals. She enjoyed singing and dancing and was the light of her father's eyes. We were very lucky and blessed to have had her in our lives and we ask the Virgin Mary to take care of her and have her in her arms until we meet again in heaven. Fisher & Diaz Funeral Home in Los Angeles from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Donations can be made on behalf of Pilar to Noah's Bark in Los Angeles, an association dedicated to finding homes for stray dogs.
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Oh good the quaker meeting episode. I’ve been waiting for this one so I can rant a little. It is so damn weird that the pews all face forward. Also it is so so weird and inappropriate for that guy to ask for a ride in the middle of worship. Save that for the announcements at the rise of meeting, dude! Also spontaneous singing happens sometimes but I find it super weird that everyone joined in and knew the words? Because that is not a hymn, from what I can tell. Like, I’m assuming the writers didn’t actually talk to any actual quakers when they wrote this episode? Because if they had, these things would have been glaringly obvious.
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The cold open scenario, and other similar real life rollerblading scenarios I've heard of, are why I've never rollerbladed. It seems crazy me to use any sort of mobility device that doesn't have brakes. That said, it does seem to me like the accident was more the driver's fault.

I don't know how Nate, David, and Rico would have reconciled their opposing plans for Fisher & Sons, but, er, as things turn out, their dissent is soon to be a non-issue. But Rico's griping that their disagreement means he's "not listened to" or "respected" is such an eye-roller.

I find it odd that Hiram hasn't managed to meet anyone else in the several years since Ruth and he broke up. He does seem like a decent, personable guy, and he's a hairdresser who must meet lots of women. But there he is, ready to drop everything to spend time with Ruth.

David should not be hiding the things Durrell does from Keith. Keith needs to be aware of the full extent of any behavioural problems. And they both need to keep a closer eye on those boys. They had been taking off with the car and would have been gone for what, half an hour at a time, and Keith and David didn't notice?

Keith: They didn't tell us today was a professional development day for the teachers at their school.
Durrell: You didn't ask.

Durrell, to Ruth: You look like a witch.
Ruth: I assure you I'm not a witch.
Durrell: I didn't say you are a witch. I said you look like one.

When kids can turn on a dime and answer back the way Durrell can, it's a sign of high intelligence. Not that the fact that it's a sign of something positive makes it any the less aggravating for the adults in their lives.

Keith and David had another breakthrough with the boys in this episode, though. Now that Durrell realizes that Keith and David intend to keep him and Anthony, he'll have a vested interest in behaving better. That was some finesse bait and switch parenting there, Keith.

Claire's art school friends' shenanigans are entertaining but do get old really quickly. I'd forgotten that we were going to see Russell again, and I can't say I'm edified by the experience. He's suuuuuch a loser.

I have to wonder what Claire is doing with her free time, given that she's not seeing her friends or dating or taking any photographs. She is getting more "present" at the office. It was thoughtful of her to think of taking her mom's cookies to work.

Now, about the Quaker stuff, about which (as a longtime attender) I also have thoughts, like fancyoats. Yeah, the pews. I think the Six Feet Under producers picked a nice little plain chapel because they thought it would make a photogenic setting for Quaker meeting without realizing that meeting room chairs are always arranged so that the Friends can see each other. If a Friends meeting bought a chapel like that, they would take out the pews and sell them, and then put in chairs.

I've never heard that song anywhere but in this episode. I've heard people sing in meeting, but have never known a case where everyone else joins in.

Asking for a ride during meeting is definitely a no-no. I have heard people make practical requests during meeting on a few occasions, but it's the kind of thing a newbie does, and one could practically feel the disapproval in the air afterwards.

One thing they did get right: the nondescript clothing everyone was wearing at meeting.

The term "Quaker church" was a needle scratch, but then it was employed by Brenda and Nate, who were first-time attenders and wouldn't know that it's not how one refers to Friends meeting. Brenda's obnoxious arrogance got on my nerves as usual. Hey Brenda, just an FYI, Quakers aren't all Christians, or even theist. So no, we don't all believe in God or a blood sacrifice, and yes you can sit in meeting and meditate just as Nate suggested, and you will be able to find plenty of intellectual common ground with other Friends if you care to.

I so, so enjoyed that Brenda's supervisor told Brenda off. It was like she spoke for us all. Brenda's entire attitude towards Nate's wanting to try something different sucked. How dare he do something she didn't want to do!

Nate's conduct is far worse, of course. He's dissatisfied with his job and his marriage, and instead of doing something constructive about that dissatisfaction, does something destructive and unfair to everyone involved: banging his step-sister. Nate has never known what he wanted or been able to commit to anything or work through whatever frustration or disaffection he he experiences... and now he's out of time.

posted by orange swan at 5:42 PM on December 1, 2019

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