Gotham: Lovecraft
November 25, 2014 11:39 AM - Season 1, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Alfred, Bullock, and Gordon search for Bruce and Selina in Gotham, who are on the run after a hit is placed on Selina for witnessing the Wayne murders.
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I don't watch this every week but this has been my favorite episode yet, by far. I enjoyed the Selina and Bruce backstory although I think both of their characters are ridiculous. All of the characters are ridiculous though so I guess it's to be expected.

And any week without Mrs. Gordon is a plus. I hope she stays away permanently.

Alfred is shaping up to be pretty badass.
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I liked it! The black bedecked assassins that nobody seems to recognize make me think that my pet theory about the League of Shadows being behind the Wayne murders is actually holding a bit of water.
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Ok, they seem to have calmed down tonally, but I don't like Harvey Dent as a such a loose cannon early on.
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Ok, they seem to have calmed down tonally, but I don't like Harvey Dent as a such a loose cannon early on.

That bugged me a lot. Still does.

I do like Mayor Corrupt though. And I actually liked the Batman Babies thing this time. At least something interesting happened, and Selina being a bad influence makes some sense on him becoming Batman later. (This Bruce is pretty stiff, doesn't strike me as the type to actually suit up without more of a shove.)
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I liked this episode, mostly because it didn't have some forced one-off plot wasting time from the more interesting serial story. Just lots of machinations, character development, and a new villain (is she in the funny books?).

I'm even OK with them fully embracing the "Gotham: pre-teen Batman" aspect of the show. Normally I'd hate that but the actors playing Bruce and Selina are both very good and fun to watch. Bruce in particular is interesting in trying to act like a big man while also being a little boy in over his head, it's a nuanced performance. I'm still anxious how they're going to handle adolescence without being awful TV, but the way Selina steals the kiss was delightful so I'm OK with it so far. Also Ivy was great.

On the flip side Alfred was just ridiculous and anything but subtle or nuanced. But he's a great character and it was fun to see him just go in and kick some ass. Also weird at the end that he apprently knew Selina had visited through the window. I guess we're supposed to conclude he has extraordinary powers of estate management.
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