Mystery Science Theater 3000: THIS ISLAND EARTH   Rewatch 
December 5, 2019 11:33 AM - Season 7, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Carl is a Serious Scientist who's been sent a parts catalog in the mail, but the parts are crazy-pants, and further the catalog describes how to build an "Interociter." which apparently can perform housework? and display video communications? Rather than returning that thing right back to Archie McPhee Carl decides to order the parts and build it. Amazingly, rather than being a hilarious practical joke at his expense, it presents the smiling face of Exeter, who invites him to join with other Human Scientists at their Laboratory. From there, let's just say the dominos have been set in motion, and a trip to space and a confrontation with Scrotor is inevitable. In the history of the show, this episode actually isn't the show, but MST: The Movie. It's been written up on Fanfare before, here.

The previous showing of this was posted as a Movie under Fanfare, but the site's checking prevents more than one entry for a given movie, apparently. So, this is going up as episode 707, to fit it in the proper place within the show's history.
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No sir, that's paper.
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This would come in as a B or B+ episode, I think.
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Someone in the original post comment that it's like a tutorial version of MST3K. That's kind of accurate I guess, but it stands on its own as well.
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Inserting the breakfast pastry.
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It's show time!
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I hope that link is for normal view.
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moo tant.
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I feel safe with you Brack.

Eat at Joe's....Eat at Joe's....

I once laughed at this so hard I nearly asphyxiated. I love this one so much.
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