Making It: Season 2
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Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are back with 10 new crafters for season 2 of Making It. But you’d better hurry, because they’re showing the whole season in 2 weeks!


The crafters seem crazy good this year. If you don’t finish, everybody else’s awesome craft will beat you and you’ll have to go live in the tiny house with Nick and Amy.
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the rushed season seems to be network TVs response to the "binge it all" culture. And it's frustrating in a way, as some nights we have to decide - do we watch a full hockey game, or bail out to catch an episode of Making it? I know we can DVR it, but it's hard to find time to watch one we missed before the next one hits.

But yes ... this group is super talented and skilled. But I'd be happy living in a tiny house with Nick and Amy. I'll play tambourine.
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I love this show and I love Nick and I love Amy (but I don't love that she still works with Dave Becky, especially on this show) and I loved the first episode and the rest will doubtless sit on my DVR for like three months, but I'll get to them eventually.
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Nick and Amy are as delightful as ever. The contestants seem great. HOWEVER

Is Etsy-rep judge more... shill-y this year or does she just seem like that because I'm clued into it immediately instead of seeming like a growing pattern over time?

Because some of the comments she makes are questionable. (I mean, if Forbes is a fan of allowing mass-production...)
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I'm glad I wasn't the only one to notice the Etsy thing. Episode 2 must have been sponsored by them based on the number of times it was mentioned.
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Episode 3:
Amy very much violating someone's stated boundaries and then doing a joke about it.,
Not ideal....
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Nobody should have to go home. Just give patches out to whoever wins and everyone gets to try every challenge. Only watched 2 so far but such a bummer that two people went home essentially for time management. Dangit.
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I finished this last night. It was so good. We watched on Hulu, and I'm a little concerned with how it was dumped in a week or so, because I want to see this show continue. Watching people make things is really satisfying, and also satisfying this season was seeing a bunch of the makers really grow out from their crafting comfort zone while also growing as people. It's just a kind, loving show, and I really want it to continue.
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Yes I want more of this show. Dangit. Those sheds were total knockouts. Periscopes.
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“Shed hacks” sounded like “shit hacks” about 60% of the time.

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I loved this show so much, but I really wanted Jesse to win. Her shed was SPECTACULAR.
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