Rude Tales of Magic: Dial E for Elf
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When a rich, protestant elf gets epsteined (murdered) at the posh Lindseyngham Manor, our heroes must become the crack investigators they were always meant to be. Listen as they ruthlessly interrogate witnesses, brilliantly analyze evidence, and work as a team to explore all the potential angles in this well-structured whodunit!
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I love that this episode shows one of the strengths of the show, that they can easily drop a one off story right in the middle of the larger plot. The one shot nature of some episodes really works for me, and this one hits a lot of cold notes and very few sour ones. Give me a locked blood mystery any day!

"Is this an ad for Flipcup?" I would buy.
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The whole "Milker" thing filled me with a combination of delight and disgust that I can't completely explain. A couple general things that I really like about this show:

1. The DM's willingness to say yes to the players. Gives everything a real energy, because you feel like the whole plot of the campaign could shift at any minute.

2. Having women's voices in the mix. Too many TTRPG podcasts are all-dude.

3. They use D&D in the way I love to use it - more like a story prompt generator than the story itself. I don't care if an attack hits or misses, as long as the telling of how it happened is fun, as it almost always is on Rude Tales.

Branson must be so disappointed that no one appeared to pick up on his Fleetwood Mac goof.
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Suckling at the Milker nearly made me spit out my breakfast (with laughter, not because of the milk... although... this bowl of cereal doesn't seem to appetising now...)
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I don't care if an attack hits or misses, as long as the telling of how it happened is fun, as it almost always is on Rude Tales.

I totally missed that they edit out most of the dice rolls and other combat number-crunching until I someone mention it on Reddit, and the way they just leave in the actions and their results means it flows really well (so well I didn't even notice the lack of rolls).
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Listening to this a second time round and and a couple of jokes I missed the first time round when they were discussing the cause of death absolutely sent me:

"Was it a... do you think it was a... v-v-v... v-v-v..."

"Did he ever have an issue where, like, he would pee out all his blood?"
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