Project Runway: Blast Off!
December 12, 2019 7:58 AM - Season 18, Episode 1 - Subscribe

In the premiere of Project Runway, the competition begins with some twists right out of the airport gate. With luggage still in tow, the designers are greeted at the iconic TWA Hotel at JFK airport ready to take flight with their first challenge: to create an innovative look inspired by humanity’s continued push into space exploration. In a Runway first, these unfamiliar designers have to pair up and collaborate to make cohesive pieces that blow away the judges or they are out. Fans will also get a chance to own a piece of the designer creations when they vote on the outfits they like best.

I'm back posting this week to get your hot takes on fashion and the producers. Not sure if there is much interest in this show still but it fills a gap of people who know how to make things making things.
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Alan is Nick Kroll playing a character, right?

Other than his team and the cut team it seemed like there was a lot of talent, some of it really big-name. I mean, a designer for Billy Porter!

Kim(berly) Ona(ssis) is a really good drag queen name.
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The double elimination was a pleasant surprise to kick off the season. I had been joking to my husband that I hoped they both went, and bam!

I know Karlie is super tall, and Christian is not, but the scene of them coming down the staircase together really really emphasized that.

I was glad when Nina spoke up about women wanting to cover their arms, and props to him as a designer for knowing that. (I'm always grumpy when the designers have no idea how to design for "real" women.)

I'm pretty excited about the season so far. It seems like some serious talent this year, and perhaps (fingers crossed) we're missing the token "here for the drama" casting.
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Alan reminded me of a Nick Kroll character too!

I think Christian's bitchiness is growing on me. The first season it was too hard after Tim gunn, but now I am ready for it and kind of loving it.

I don't really have any opinion on anyone yet.
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HAHA YES Alan is Nick Kroll. (But enough with the "Alantude"). Christian is hilarious, and only bitchy where appropriate, at least so far! I mean really, 10 minutes you can use and you put your feet up?!

That was rough. Team challenge as the first challenge? Very terrible and mean. Pick your own partner? GOD. No.
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I was actually looking forward to seeing more from the Muslim designer - it would have been interesting to see her have to work within her defined limits and still meet the challenges. I do think great stuff could have come from that. But what she made here was truly awful.

I actually kind of wonder if they offed both of them just to make sure no one thought it had anything to do with her religious choices?
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Looking forward to another season of this show. Christian is just wonderful, I think he makes the perfect supportive mentor with a bit of edge. I have a couple of early favorites but I can't remember anyone's names yet. Totally agreed with the double elim, so much hideousness and questionable taste levels there. I mean, we all know they pick a few people because they do have questionable taste levels and no skills, among other reasons. There's no way they couldn't get 10-15 amazing designers to appear on the show if they really went looking for them. Even though I feel there are plants and some manufactured drama (although a lot less now then in the past), I still love this show.
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In Mood
Nick Kroll (running past): Christiaaan, what do we DOOO!?
Christian: .. Ugh, honey... throw that poncho away.

I've had a soft spot for Christian since I saw him as a contestant, but I really like his mentoring style. I do wonder how he's going to use his "Siriano Save". The Tim Gunn version didn't always lead to the best results imo.

Bravo has pictures of the looks here. Overall I think there were a lot of good looks.
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Overall I enjoyed this episode though a little of it felt flat. Like, there wasn't a lot of focus on the designs but also not a lot of focus on the designers. There was a lot of it that felt like dead space in terms of editing. I'm on the second episode now and it feels a little more, full, I guess.

While I LIKED the red and white design team (Tyler and Delvin) because it felt like 60s70s futures aesthetic, I do wonder if they realize how much the red and folds look like a vulva. By all means, go for it. But was it intentional? I'm not sure.

I do feel like a lot of the designs lacked space, sci-fi, and futurism. A lot of them, while perfectly fine clothing, didn't feel super on-theme.

I feel happy with the results though. I'm sad that the bottom team seemed to struggle from the start. At least the winning look had some interest and mixed materials. But it was still black.
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Seems like that team was made up of two leftovers that couldn't otherwise find a partner. Their asthetics had nothing to do with one another - ecofriendly goth & colorful modest? yikes. also the goth was clearly trying to just be Michelle all over again, and no thanks.

i thought it was a nice first challenge. oddly specific, too, to tell them all to make a jumpsuit.
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I'm so glad we've got threads to discuss this season, thank you!

I agreed with the double-elimination selfishly because I feel like it's always a bit of a slow start with so many contestants. And both of their garments were pretty meh. But I don't know that it was really fair. Jenn (yes I had to look up these names) designed an incredibly basic very ill-fitting basic jumpsuit with no discernable...anything. I mean, lack of team coordination aside, it was just nothing. Asma's was a train wreck, but at least she tried something.

I already dislike Mr. "I know more than Christian Siriano and Brandon Maxwell." Ugh. Please fail.
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I didn’t like the brown jumpsuit on the runway but it looked way cooler close up.

Sooooo glad they got rid of both, those were some terrible garments.
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