Fringe: White Tulip   Rewatch 
November 26, 2014 9:33 PM - Season 2, Episode 17 - Subscribe

There's been an incident on a train (and we all know how much Walter loves trains). Looks like collective (contagious?) heart failure, since everyone is dead in their seats at the same time. All except for the the man who walked off the train. Peter has noticed that Walter has been evasive and distant, even for him. Astrid predicts the future, Broyles humblebrags about the FBIs capabilities, and Olivia
And Water writes a long letter to Peter.

The slogan for "MassTransit" is "Be there in no time at all."
Peter neves gets deja vu because he is out of tune with this universe?
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This ep was kind of blah to me even though some important stuff goes down.
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I really loved this episode the first time round. I thought they did a good job with the whole science v faith thing, and I liked the poignancy of Dr Wossname coming up with a solution that didn't involve lots of other people dying. This time round I don't think I found it as compelling, though Walter is, as always, brilliant.
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Peter neves gets deja vu because he is out of tune with this universe?

Earlier in the series Walter states as fact that deja vu is when you see how something could have happened or is happening in another universe. It's like having Olivia's otherworld detection sense in brief, unrecognizable glimpses. Peter's status as a cross-universe creature exempts him from this phenomenon.

Interesting time travel plot, and the whole setup of repeating a sequence on a train reminds me of the film Source Code. Though this episode pre-dates that movie by about 2 years. The thing that niggles my brain is the other Dr. Wossisnames. The show doesn't address his past-instances at all. Does it turn out not to matter because of the way he loops to his death?
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Hipster beggar is totally a teenage version of Courtney Taylor from The Dandy Warhols.

I've decided this episode is all about uneven knowledge: who knows; who doesn't. Poor Peter has no idea why Olivia and his own father have become so distant all of a sudden.

Math-phobic waitress is disturbingly quick with sharing customers' personal data with the Feds there.

Now there's math everywhere: "Send the Bishops up, please."

Gosh, Broyles is a natty dresser. What a coat that is.

I really love the subtle ways all the different potential time lines diverge from each other eventually. That's the show in a nutshell right there.

Red vine sighting!

True fact: watching this episode the first time sent me on a Gary Numan Spotify binge that didn't end for days.

Why is an astrophysicist reading Walter's papers on genetic hybridization? Do mad scientists read each other's work no matter what the speciality? Is there shared a "mad scientist" canon? No wonder MIT wanted to fire him.

Surely grass is people too?
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