Leverage: The Snow Job
December 17, 2019 1:11 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The team goes after a construction company that foreclosed on a National Guardsman's home; Nate puts the team in jeopardy with his drinking.

Episode transcription

KF Monkey open thread for The Snow Job - no answer post - maybe it got deleted?

snerson's nom for best line exchange:
(Eliot wins Rock-Paper-Scissors)
Hardison: Well, I’ll be damned. How you do that?
Eliot: You got a tell.
Hardison: I have a tell.
Eliot: Yeah.
Hardison: In Rock-Paper-Scissors?
Eliot: Yeah, go.

next episode: The Mile High Job
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I'm coming to realize that my weekly nom for best line is just "which moment did I like Aldis Hodge the most in this episode," and it's always difficult because he is always great. Him asking the corpse in the MRI "'sup" when Eliot runs after Parker is so simple but so funny every time!
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Parker's break-in outfit for the scene when she leaps out the window onto Eliot was so bafflingly blatantly "I am a burglar" (or Marcel Marceau-impersonator/cat-burglar), I wondered if there was some production miscommunication. I mean, it's Miami, broad daylight, and she's wearing gloves and a beret? I mean, gloves make sense for not leaving fingerprints behind, but, it's like she was costumed for a night-shoot.

In the 5 seasons of watching Leverage, there were so many times that the reveal of the crime, and subsequent realization that it was based on real-world events that were even worse because Rogers & Co had to tone it down so as not to make the audience too depressed for words, left me feeling like the most naive person in the world. This episode was one of them.
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Fun episode. The ski lodge parts were filmed at Snowbird, east of Salt Lake City, Utah -- I've been there many times and saw a bunch of familiar buildings, and you can see a clear logo on one of the tram cars.
posted by mmoncur at 11:39 AM on December 18, 2019

Parker's burglar costume - my feeling is that there's a core "campy" or "silly" or "fun" on the writing team, and it does get wackier as the seasons progress. Her hamming it up is part of the fun.

See also Elliot being preternaturally amazing at fighting and cooking.

Or Sophie (deliberately?) being a completely awful actress but is the supreme grifter/ con-er.

I found Hustle (2004-2012) played the same idea straighter and more seriously than Leverage (2008-2012). Or perhaps going "fun" was something the producers mandated to try to differentiate themselves.

Are all the crimes in Leverage based on an actual crime, or just a certain kind of crime? But yeah, humans can be terrible to each other even when they don't need to be.

I'm a sucker for red herrings, and the one here is the loud brother when it's the quiet one who's a greater monster - but I still despise the entire clan. Well played, show.


Big fan of Aldis Hodge, too. Was blown away when someone mentioned in a previous that he was 22 when he first started Leverage.
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