Project Runway: The Ultimate Upcycle
January 3, 2020 8:52 AM - Season 18, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Mega-stylist to the stars, Karla Welch is here to guest-mentor the designers and she’s got a job for them – dress her client: the one and only Karlie Kloss! Karla’s got a twist though, the materials used to design the look will be donated clothing from a local Goodwill, making this Project Runway’s first upcycling challenge. The designers will need to be resourceful, sustainable, and fast because it’s also their first one day challenge. One designer’s dreams will come true with the chance to dress a supermodel while another will be all out of second chances in this second-hand challenge.
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Will there ever be an episode or season that wakes me from the black, gray, and white nightmare? WHY?! They're walking past all of this amazing (looked vintage?) greens and blues straight to the boring black suits. It makes me so frustrated.

I liked Brittany's sleeves. At least there was some color and texture.

I love Nancy and would protect her with my life. I'm so done with everyone thinking she's "annoying". She seems to care for everyone. Of course she's asking a ton of questions of the stylist. And the stylist gave her an eye-roll. Come on. That's what they're there for. I think it all boils down to sexism and ageism, even if she's a bit much. I'm glad she was on the top, because at least it had some color and really unique cutouts and details.

I ADORE Chelsey's look - again. And YES I would buy that in an instant. The retro vibe, actual high-waist, mid-wash denim. Send it to me right now. I would wear it non-stop.

I still don't get the love for Victoria's stuff. I just don't. Everyone can like what they like. But I absolutely hate it. I just don't like her entire aesthetic.

I get why Tyler is out. I haven't seen many good things from him.
PS: Here's THAT runway moment. Dead.

Also we all really need to stop telling people "don't cry" all the time. Crying is fine. Especially happy tears. Let people have emotions.
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I also loved Brittany's sleeves, but was befuddled by that double-layered-asymmetrical skirt underneath it. I also thought Gregory Mac's executive domme look was way stronger than Victoria's blazer mash-up.

Was glad we got a little more time with my beloved Dayoung, and that there was more than thirty seconds of Chelsy and Melanie. Thought we might get a Chelsy win but I feel like those unhemmed jeans wouldn't do it (wish she'd gone with a non-denim top).

Just about had a heart attack at THAT moment. I bet there was no oxygen left backstage.
posted by Gin and Broadband at 12:34 PM on January 3, 2020

Sorry to double post but R. Eric Thomas' ELLE recap just went up.
posted by Gin and Broadband at 12:37 PM on January 3, 2020

Why was this episode so extra stressful for me? Maybe because I am sad that I'm a hopelessly terrible sewer while also being attuned to how much terrific material you can find in a Goodwill if you've got the spidey-sense for it. Maybe because I was struck by which designers got bit by the baby designer bug by shopping Goodwill with their mothers.

Anyhoo, I was super disappointed by the acres of suiting and plain blacks. None of these designers except for Brittney looked around to see that they were all pulling the same fabrics? R. Eric makes a very valid point that bottoms are a good way to scoop up a lot of yardage, and I realize that they need to dodge a ton of polyester and cheapo-looking synthetic blends. But if you're just mining for material, you can still fill your basket with men's suiting pants in blues and greens and plaids.

I am sorry to see Tyler go because I like him personally, but I have to admit that he's not able to execute the quality of work needed to stay on this show. But also, fuck Sergio.

I don't dislike Victoria, but I feel like she's a such a one-trick pony in her design aesthetic. I loved Chelsea and Nancy's designs, which surprised me because I'm not predisposed to being excited about high-concept denim looks.

Also I nominate Karla to be my girlfriend, thx.
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Also, in the FUCK SERGIO vein, I am rooting for the self-taught designers on principle.
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I think TLo hit it on the head when they said there was more to the brief that we didn't hear, namely it was a day event, a photo/press call which would explain the run on suits. There was also a lot of emphasis on KK's "style" which, who knows what that is? Most models are walking advertisements at non-runway events, wearing freebies. The stylist was handing out a lot more advice than we heard because no one opted for cocktail dresses. (You know what has a lot of fabric and fewer seams? skirts and dresses). I also really hope there was some fast dry-cleaning/laundry service before they started tearing apart those clothes because y'know, Goodwill doesn't do that and if the donors don't...)

I really liked Nancy's look, the backwards pink shirt and full denim skirt. It had a real 50s Bardot streetwear feel, all that was missing were the espadrilles, but agree it didn't really fit the brief which was Paris, not St Tropez.

Victoria 's suit hit all the right notes, interesting sleeves, the belt running through the side cutout. Taking off the belt loops on the skirt layers was brilliant advice and made the skirt look so much smoother.

From what I can tell, Sergio's jacket had a separate lower half that was padded to curve over the hips and that would've looked good if we could see it and not be distracted by that bra top/sleeve ties. Marquise had a good idea with the layered shirt dress, he should have ditched the cold shoulder jacket and developed the dress more by facing the shirt fabric to give it more body.

I think Melanie (long blonde hair) should have been on the bottom because the fit on that bust was awful.

The gasp moment. Oh he was definitely making a reference to Jared (recently described somewhere as the human paperweight) and Ivanka. He was aiming for a joke but he was on the defense because of the criticism and it came out badly and it definitely factored into his loss. But good for him. Why should Kloss be immune from the repercussions of who she vacations with?
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I thought THAT was a weird moment because Karlie and her husband are staunch Democrats, don’t like Jared, and apparently the Kushners refused to meet Karlie or invite her to holiday gatherings for SIX YEARS. Like, no, she wouldn’t wear that to dinner with the Kushners, they hate each other and rarely have dinner together at all!
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Apparently the two couples were seen vacationing together recently, the brothers are close. His parents are a different story but they seem to have welcomed Ivanka...
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God, I really hope Tyler is polishing up his audition tape for the next season of Drag Race.
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> That was bizarre. Mostly because I had to google what he meant. Guess most non-US watchers have to do the same.

Eh, most US-watchers too, probably. I enjoy following fashion design a bit but know fuckall about models.
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I didn't think Tyler's outfit was as bad as Marquise's horrendous cut-up, ill-fitting suit held together with tape. At least Tyler's was properly finished and fit his model. I was surprised he was sent home for the garment he made compared with the others in the bottom, even after THAT comment.

I didn't particularly like anything this week. After being quite clear that the judges didn't want to see cut-up men's suits on the runway, 80% of the designers went for men's suits. I found all the outfits really boring.

And yeah, fuck Sergio and his sense of superior entitlement.
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