Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries: Season One
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Peregrine Fisher (Geraldine Hakewill from the Australian series Wanted) sets out to become a private detective under guidance of The Adventuresses' Club, following in the footsteps of her missing aunt as she solves crimes in 1960s Melbourne. The series is a spin-off from the 1920s-set Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

Available in the US via the Hoopla app (provided free via some public libraries), or via various digital rental options. Each episode is movie length.
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Oh, I didn't know it was on Hoopla! I'll have to look for it!
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I thought these were fun (maybe more fun than the original Miss Fisher) but a little too long. They all seemed padded out to make 90 minutes and would have been more compelling as 60 minute episodes.
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The original Miss Fisher Mysteries didn't click for me on the first watch but I always thought I should try again. These were a treat right away. Very light, very fluffy, even with them being murder mysteries. Peregrine was instantly likable.

Obviously a 2019 show about feminist women in the early sixties is going to have some things to say, even in a bright, airy presentation like this one.

One thing I really like is how several times, Peregrine is able to get things done/find clues through things men overlooked because they don't value women's skills.

And the visual style is fun. So many of the best bits and bobs from the era without going overboard.
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This show hasn't done it for me, though I liked Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. I think it was because Peregrine is so relentlessly perky and chipper and she apparently has no past. It seemed like half of Miss Fisher was looking at her pre-war past, some of which was dark. Also, Detective Jack Robinson seemed slightly more immune to Phryne's charms than Detective Steed is to Peregrine's.

Now that I think about it, I miss having a side kick, too. Watching Dot turn into a self assured woman was very gratifying.
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Currently watching the second season of this, and tearing up a little. I agree with the gentle critiques above - there's not a lot of character depth for Peregrine or Detective Steed, and I have less emotional connection with the Adventuress' Club than I did with Phryne's friend-staff.

but also

I was introduced to this show my one of my best friends, a woman I met in grad school and thought the world of. We were close for almost a decade - we supported each other materially and emotionally across time and three continents, and even wound up working for the same company, thanks to her encouraging me to apply for a job that I never would have believed I could get.

Things got a little weird in 2019, when she seemed increasingly angry about things in general, which paralleled waning interest in my bids to hang out, although I'm not sure why - eventually, she stopped responding to me as a friend, started treating me unkindly at work, and unfriended me on the social medias. I haven't seen or spoken to her in more than two years.

I miss her. The saucy-kickass-lady-doing-dangerous-work-in-exceptionally-beautiful-clothes vibe of the original Miss Fisher was a delightful way to pass an evening with her: she would knit and I would cuddle with her delightful personalities of dogs. We had a great go. Thanks, FanFare, for being a place I can speak my friend-mourning out into the world.
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