Legends of Tomorrow: Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Five
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Worlds lived, worlds died. Nothing will ever be the same.
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And now there's another blue menace loose: Gleek. Poor Legends. Let's hope they don't have to face another crossover to deal with the space monkey. I don't think Nate and Ava could cope.
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In Oliver's recap of the multiverse Titans' Earth is listed as Earth-9 and the Doom Patrol Earth is Earth-21, which really doesn't make any sense as Garfield went from one group to the other, and at one point Gar and Raven came back to confront Niles.

I did love Brandon Routh's smirk as the Supes of Earth-96 in that montage. Good on him for reclaiming the cape and turning what was presumably a negative experience playing Superman into a positive one.

So it seems that even as earths condensed, the number of kids per family doubled, with both the Kents and the Diggles gaining (or regaining) extra family members. Nice to see Sara back.

So I know the Legends don't want to get involved in crossovers, but I'd like to see future encounters between Sparkles and Mick. And poor Mick. Rebecca didn't deserve to have her book signing ruined by a Beebo sighting.
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DC declared that the Doom Patrol series was a different Doom Patrol than the one introduced in Titans before the series premiered. On Earth-21 Niles Calder is played by Timothy Dalton and on Earth-9 he is someone else. The Sargon the Sorcerer bit seems to indicate a change for the Arrowverse in terms of tone and I am really curious how this is going to play out on Black Lightening. In terms of the entire thing I have mixed feelings. It really did have the feel of an '80s crossover event. Those events had tie-in issues that allowed the pathos for the characters experiences while the event title could be really plot heavy. Trying to do both here was an uneven balancing act. To do it right would probably have take half a season and more budget than they would ever have gotten. Lets hope that it gives the writers for Supergirl and Batwoman some slack to right their respective ships.
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I might be stating what everyone here already knows, but that autograph seeker at the beginning of the episode, who says he likes it when Flash and Supergirl team up, was legendary DC writer/editor Marv Wolfman, who wrote the original Crisis on Infinite Earths along with George Perez, who also got a shoutout this episode.
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I was one of those who thought part 4 was weak, but man, did they pull out all the crossover-crazy stops and bring it home in a big way.

My 13 year old daughter asked me why I was laughing so hard at the end.
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I'm so glad we got a shot of Routh's Superman back in the multiverse, I would have been so bummed if he was left even just comic-book-dead.
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Why am I not surprised that that Doom Patrol producers want to keep as far away from that burning dumpster fire of radioactive waste and week-old fish guts that is Titans? I don't blame them in the least for the desire not to be associated with anything related to Titans. Smart move on their part.

I probably sound greedy, but I wish this event was bigger and had room for more characters, especially the full Legends team. I mean sure, back in the '80s we would have considered it nearly impossible to even contemplate a five-hour, five-series Crisis crossover with so many cameos and characters, but now that's it's over, I find myself wanting more and thinking about everything that could have been.

Overall, I'm happy with Sara's growth into the natural Arrowverse team leader. She certainly earned that position and the respect that comes with it. Given the character that was first introduced to us on Arrow, her maturation and transformation would have been nearly impossible to predict eight years ago.
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So I know the Legends don't want to get involved in crossovers, but I'd like to see them land at Seattle Grace (first season) cure the elder Dr Grey's Alzheimer's and just get involved with all the drama and almost be fully integrated before they realize it's a trap and escape to the Supernatural universe.
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Well, that was an improvement from the last one. I liked all the moments between the characters, and BEEBO! and Rebecca Silver (har), and the "no, after YOU" between Mick and Frost, and "Sparkles" and Black Lightning's reactions to things. I enjoyed it. Also, Oliver (I guess) finally stayed dead.
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At the end of this ep, Black Lightning mentioned that he'd never met Oliver Queen. If the histories of the worlds have come together (as Ray's acceptance of Barry and Kara in the same place as normal implies), does it seem likely that two active heroes wouldn't have run into each other on occasion?
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I thought that was a good rebound from part 4 and a satisfying conclusion to the story. I loved the big smile on Black Lightning's face when he got to sit down with Superman.

Was that JJ or Connor with Sara?

So, the Lex at the end is the bad Lex we've always known but he is acting as the good Lex who was part of the rebooted universe?

Barry didn't immediately go find Iris?

Finally, in this interview with Marc Guggenheim he said that the individual show runners were given the freedom to reboot their shows after Crisis however they saw fit.
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Iris got cut for budget cut reasons, it was mentioned in one of those articles.

I'm curious as to how they handle having a Sara now in the future Star City plotline.
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I would assume that was the daughter that Barry turned into a son for Diggle? So it's still Connor as the adopted son?

I loved this one so much. The bit at the end even included the new(?) Earth-2, which will be the stage for the upcoming Star Girl show (I didn't realize what I was watching, I thought they were calling back to the Justice Society of America that was in season 2 of Legends. Which would've made sense since this was a Legends episode, except I don't remember robot. But then I watched the trailer for the new show and everything clicked.).

I also noticed !Laurel was also cut out of this finale. But she'll be back in the next Arrow episode as a "Canary" for "The Green Arrow and the Canaries" backdoor pilot.

I was wondering why Anti-Monitor couldn't both enlarge himself and use that expanding shield to squash everything. He could only block attacks with a localized shield when he was giant. Seems like a weird limitation to me. And also, shrinking him infinitely negates his power to conjure shadow demons? I guess they can't hear his will when he's in the microverse.

But yay Super Friends! I got a real kick out of that!
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housekeeping note: since this episode is not considered the season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, how should we number it? Next week's episode is actually episode 1.
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Huh. My tivo listed this as S5e1, as does imdb, but now my tivo is listing next week's 'Meet the Legends' as S5e1 too. I'll ask a mod to change this one to be S4e17 before I make the next thread.
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Is it possible to have S5e00?
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In the big group fight scene with the shadow demons (might have been the previius ep at the quarry, I can't remember) there was a woman in a blue costume with long dark hair fighting alongside the others. Who was she? I don't think I saw her in any scenes leading up to the fights. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Harbinger.
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... there was a woman in a blue costume with long dark hair fighting alongside the others ...

I had the same question and did some digging. That's Nia Nal, also known as Dreamer, and the Nth ancestor of Dream Girl from the Legion of Superheroes.
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I've been reading DC Comics for 20+ years (jesus) but have seen almost nothing of the Arrowverse, and this was wild to catch up on. Oliver Queen(?!) being the most important and beloved superhero in the universe is one thing, when WILD DOG just casually appeared on my screen in the year of our lord 2020 I think I literally shrieked.

But god, what a pain in the ass this must have been to pull together. I don't know how great it worked as a story, and since I don't watch these shows I couldn't even really judge, but it was super enjoyable as a spectacle.

(I did watch, and adore, Doom Patrol, and I hugely enjoyed that in the multiverse montage at the end all the other heroes look badass and fighty, and the DP are having a dance party alone on their front lawn. Though tbh that could totally be their next big supervillain fight, it would be less weird than the last one.)
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Mod note: Changed to S4E17 as probably the best solution under the odd circumstances.
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jameaterblues you should watch all the Arrowverse shows! Despite their issues they're still pretty entertaining!
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