Project Runway: There Is Only One You
January 17, 2020 3:33 PM - Season 18, Episode 6 - Subscribe

In this week’s challenge, the designers are given a chance to think about their family history and channel those stories and emotions into a look of their choosing. The stakes are high in this one day challenge, as the designers need to face and embrace who they are in order to succeed. Luckily for the designers, there’s a surprise early on that will help boost their chances for success in this Flash Sale Challenge.
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At this point, it's painfully obvious that the producers want the Sergio melodrama. There have been some delusional contestants in the past, but he's at Expert level and I can't even begin to fathom what his deal is. I couldn't tell, but did he actually have any tears when he broke down "crying"?

While I didn't like them personally, Brittany and Marquise's designs should not have been waved through as safe. Victoria does not deserve to be up there again as top 3 just because she can fit stretch fabric and sew so well. I feel the irritation of the other designers.
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I didn't buy Sergio's crying for one second. Also, when the challenge first came up, I said "Oh god, you're asking Sergio to think about himself. It's like Christmas for him".
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It's also painfully obvious - as Brittany pointed out - that the judges love Victoria and everything she does. The garment she made this week bore no relation whatsoever to the challenge, other than she's previously made a collection of baby blue clothes and likes the colour. I'm glad Elaine Welteroth stuck to her guns about meeting the brief during the judging.

I loved Dayoung's jacket. I wasn't so mad about the skirt, but the whole thing looked gorgeous on the model and I would wear that jacket in a heartbeat.

I also loved Britanny's dress, which was fun and youthful. I really like Nancy's aesthetic too. I felt sorry for Delvin, who was completely lost when the parameters of the task were so loose. He seems to need tighter boundaries for his creativity to flourish.

The producers' hand in the decision on who was out showed by keeping Sergio for another week, obviously for the drama. He is so disrespectful to Christian and the dress he made this week was hideous.

Shavi's dress was tragic, though. He couldn't stay for that. It looked as if he'd sewn it with a knife and fork.
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My daughter and I both thought the top three would be Nancy, Marquise and Brittany, so that was a bit of a surprise.
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I think a broke my eyes from how many times I rolled them this episode. From Sergio to all of it. The judge saying "I went to Notre Dame so I love anything collegiate." actually broke me.

I liked Chelsey's. And for once, I actually think the for-sale version is a pretty true interpretation.

Otherwise, I didn't like anything really. Nancy's plaid stuff was cool but kinda boring colors. Sigh.
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I feel like this is either Victoria's or Nancy's to take. Or possibly the guy (sorry can't remember his name) who won the Cyndi Lauper challenge. I feel like most of the people there are pretty ageist with regards to Nancy, but with the editing and whatnot, it's hard to tell. She might just be someone who rubs others the wrong way and that's what we see them responding to, but it feels like her opinions are being dismissed because she's "old".

Sergio's crocodile tears....ugh. He told a bunch of people about the dress and never got emotional until asked about it by the judges. And....if it isn't against the rules to enlist models to help you sew your It should be. He had help sewing. Seems a bit unfair, no?
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kanata, Christian designed an outfit for Billy Porter which stole the show at the 2019 Oscars. It was impeccably made and garnered world-wide publicity for both Porter and Christian.

The dress Sergio designed for him for the 2019 Tonys was, imo, a hot mess, overthought, with too much going on.
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It really pissed me off that Sergio stated that he didn’t feel able to share his work with Christian - implying that Christian wouldn’t understand it, and heavily implying it was because Christian wasn’t Latino like him. Because...only Latinx people can care about a humanitarian crisis affecting Latinx people? Hweh?

Then the resulting dress, and especially the styling, was SO stereotypical. Ugh.
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I always have to remind myself that clothes look better (or worse) on the runway and still photos don't do them justice, eg Brittany's dress. A good effort by her. Marquise's was my favorite. H e managed to combine patchwork and athletic themes into a very cohesive and sharp look. Definitely was robbed by not being top three in Victoria's place. I can understand why Chelsey won, ease of manufacture and forgiving of size besides being very cute but the dress underneath was as basic as all get out.

Geoffrey 's didn't photograph well but i liked it except his styling was terrible. Nancy's coat was gorgeous but I didn't see a story behind it unless it was luxury Italian fabrics. I'll be the cheese standing alone that Dayoung's jacket was safe, not top three. The fit in the back was not good and the color of the skirt did not complement it.

Poor Shavi. What sent him home wasn't the puckered seams so much, it was that he chose that fabric in the first place. He should've seen that it was translucent and known it would be hell to sew.

And once again, announcing a flash sale *after* they've designed their garment and *after* they've been to Mood is ridiculous. There was absolutely no way, two out of the top three could win. Blech!
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I didn't think that Sergio's tears on the runway were fake. I took it more as a sign that for all of his ludicrously rude bluster, he is rather immature in his expectations. He thought that his stance as an intentionally "political designer" plus top schooling (he went to FIDM and FIT?) means that everything he makes will be seen as good. But he's not actually delivering good design.

I warmed up to Victoria when she acknowledged that she can see that the judges have picked her aesthetic as a favorite and that this is pushing her into the top three over other good designs. (Not that she doesn't think she's good, but she doesn't feel THAT entitled.) But I was utterly horrified by the praise for her weird baby blue alien pantsuit that had nothing to do with the actual challenge. What are the judges doing? They did say there was a split, but we didn't hear any negatives on the design itself. Maybe they thought it was just too outre to be waved into safe without explanation?

I don't know, but Marquis was robbed. The only thing I can think is that his story and Chelsey's were coming from somewhat similar places of African-Americans inspired by their grandmothers. But if that was the reasoning, that's gross. Their garments were so different; why not put them both up as finalists and push back against tokenism?

I really appreciated how kind and constructive the judges were to Shavi and Delvin in their comments; they could see that they knew exactly where they went wrong and didn't pile on. Sometimes I feel like Brandon is perpetually auditioning for a stand-up career, and I am always surprised when he says something truly thoughtful.

Shavi's apology to his model before the runway just broke my heart.

Lastly, as someone who doesn't have a strong connection to my own ethnic heritage, I was sympathetic towards those for whom the "call from your family" lifeline was kind of a flop. Poor Delvin casually learning that he's part Latino. Nancy's useless call with her sister.
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I don't like Sergio very much; however, I understand that if you're designing a very personal piece you may not want to expose it to third-person judging until it's in a more finished state, simply because you're feeling more vulnerable about it than you ordinarily would. The problem was that it was a one-day challenge, so there really wasn't much time for Sergio to get to that point, nor much of any to fix anything if Christian's critique was seriously negative.
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Fwiw I don’t think Sergio’s tears were fake. Nancy cried as he presented - were her tears fake? It’s a situation worthy of tears.

I still think he was horrifically rude to Christian about it.
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Sergio considers himself a peer of Christian and doesn't want to hear his criticism. I'm sure he made this attitude known during the casting interviews so the producers were ecstatic, especially since he can construct and fit a garment really well.
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