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The FBI team hunts a dangerous enemy operative, and a deadly new foe emerges. Patterson comes into her own and has conventional hottie problems written for her. Jane is Remy again but needs to be Jane. Weller is in love and going to be hurt. Rich Dot Com is still annoying and relied on to drive narrative. The new FBI Director is the writers trolling all of us.
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I think I might have watched a few episodes when they aired, can't remember, but feels like I must have had. Watching through the season now (e03) but not entirely sure I'll make it through.

The FBI "interns" feel super fan-service-y or something. Not a problem, just felt handled trite-ly.

IMDB suggests that there's a Season 5.
posted by porpoise at 9:56 PM on January 22, 2020

How does this show even work, it's like some writers got together and decided to do an Aristocrats challenge for network teevee, make the most unrealistic nonsensical plot point and toss it like a hot potato as a challenge to the next to make a less rational plot point and just keep going, 5th season, I'm calling at least 13 where they decide to crash the space station into the new world trade center because it's the only way to be able to decript the puzzle between her pinky toes.
posted by sammyo at 7:14 AM on January 23, 2020

The e04 biological hazard stuff is beyond bad.

I'm wondering whether the gaslighting/ egregious false narrative and bad faith spewing out from the American (capital c) Conservative/ Republican movement is actively making everyone stupider, and the writers/ showrunners here are proverbial canaries.

Not that this show has ever been anywhere near reasonable, it has just seemed to be geometrically worse.
posted by porpoise at 5:28 PM on January 23, 2020

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