The Walking Dead: Vatos   Rewatch 
November 29, 2014 10:36 AM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

In Atlanta, Rick and company find themselves in conflict with another group of survivors.
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There is a deleted sequence that was shot where they go back to visit this group, but it was cut from whatever episode it was intended for.
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I hated this episode *so* much that I almost gave up on the show right here. (I held out until the S1 finale, but I believe that one to actually be worse - I stopped watching for more than a year after it aired.)

It's hard to believe TWD has become a show to look forward to, looking back at these. :)
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Yeah, I remember thinking this one was a stinker when I watched it the first time around. The group of Hispanic folks putting on an elaborate act as stereotypical gang members – I mean, what? I'm not sure if that even makes enough sense to be offensive, but it's something.

Watching Daryl in the early episodes is interesting, though. We met him as Merle's brother, and so far he's almost as crass as his brother. But unlike Merle, he hasn't done anything that we, the audience, can't forgive – he's not evil; he's just a dick. He eventually became one of my favorite characters, so I'm interested to watch his character development now that I know where it's headed.

I think this episode is the first and only time that The Group encounters any other significant tribe of survivors who aren't psychopaths of some kind. (Well, there's the Greene family, but they become part of The Group.) It would be interesting if Rick & company occasionally ran into settlements or groups of travelers who weren't complete dickheads, cooperated or otherwise interacted with them for a while, and then continued on their separate ways. I think there's still room for conflict and good storytelling there.

It looks like the episode that Catblack mentions was "What Lies Ahead" (which covers their flight from the now-destroyed CDC bunker).
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I now remember T-Dog being all "Make the trade". And basically the midseason finale of this year was the same thing. "Make the trade". Too bad Abuela wasn't there to walk up to Dawn and tell her to let Noah be.
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