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After a dramatic crash and some unexpected interference in the ensuing battle, the sixth in line for the throne of Kesh and her historical LARP club/prison slaves are charged with recovering the most valuable part of the remains and capturing or killing anybody who's had direct access.

"Detain or kill?"

"Yes. Detain or kill."

"No, no, no: detain or kill?"

"Well of course every situation will have to be approached... situationally."

Austin, Andi, Art, Jack, and Keith
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Austin's skipping most of the downtime episodes (read- probably none of them lol) so I should've posted this last week if I'm posting at the end of each arc, but here it is now.

Liked: everyone being very mean to Clementine, the cuffs exchange in episode 4

Disliked but still respected: how they spent like ten minutes trying to decide if they should have a villain shoot an unarmed person in their everyone-is-villains season. Bruh the main all-villains scifi franchise in tabletop has a royal who needs the souls of ten thousand humans per day to cling to unlife and if this were star wars darth tantrum would've done at least one team kill by now. Partizan actually sounds pretty great in comparison.
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This had great energy, especially once Gucci showed up and started laying waste. A few system-question hiccups but they are definitely having a good time bouncing off of other!
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I am really enjoying Beam Saber, I think it's the most fun game I've heard since Lasers and Feelings (and for completely opposite reasons). I love all the tools players have to push themselves and their mechs to get precious bonuses, and all the tools the GM has like collateral dice and clocks to encourage the players to stay on the move. I love how relationships and roleplaying are built in to the characters, so you're required to think about how your character relates to others and required to give your character a specific goal. I love how the state of the mission is built in where you can go from "controlled" to "standard" to "desperate" as things fall apart, and then claw your way back out with a brilliant move.
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Yeah forged in the dark games are all like that, they're incredible and John Harper is possibly the most brilliant tabletop game designer ever for coming up with all of the excellent little systems in Blades in the Dark. The only problem with the system is convincing the average table that anything besides Dungeons and Dragons exists.

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names are also fake so i have a new one.
andi was good but it's run it's course. gosh, i just love announcing things about my identity, anyway hi im sylvia

RIGHT. fuck important 2 mention that the next friends at the table episode + emojidrome episodes u hear will not reflect this bc we already did those. (they're great stay tuned)"
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I just started listening to FATT (started with Marielda per this chart) and it’s SO GOOD! I’m excited to listen to all their stuff.
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