Critical Role: Misery Loves Company
February 3, 2020 1:31 PM - Season 2, Episode 93 - Subscribe

The Mighty Nein find themselves on the hunt for the entity responsible for Nott's predicament, but neither the journey nor the quarry are quite what they expected...
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Oh man, that was so creepy and so primed for heartbreak, and then CUPCAKE.

(I give them at least three levels before they meet the hag again)
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What a way to end a remarkably tense buildup. Looking forward to the hag teaming up with the ancient white dragon they've also pissed off.
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I looked it up, they picked up the dust of deliciousness back in episode 31.
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Jester and her cupcakes- g"damn! One of the best moments in this campaign so far. Loved it.
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Matt shared a picture of the battle map that was avoided by strategic application of Cupcake
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Watching the rest of the cast react to the cupcake moment was as good as the cupcake moment itself. Some of them were sure it was going to blow up in their faces until ... it didn't. (Yet.)

It was such a good moment.
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That moment is an instant classic. It capped off an escalating stage of the players trying to out-sad each other, ended by Laura cutting the Gordian knot. Brilliant play all around! Matt simply saying "Yyyyyuppppp" (in reply to Laura's "did it work?") is a mood every DM is familiar with.
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It capped off an escalating stage of the players trying to out-sad each other

There were a couple of interesting comments on Talks Machina; one was about this very thing - Taliesin noted that this type of game moment, the players trying to one-up each other's tragedies, is one of Matt's favorites and that Matt was so into it, RP wise, that he had no chance to pick up on Laura having a deeper plan. The other was about the way Modify Memory was used - instead of being used to make someone forget something compromising or horrible, it was used to create a joyful memory, which is not the usual.
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Jester is a perpetual delight and I’m glad she pulled it off. She’s such a great trickster cleric.
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I'll watch Talks tonight, as it's my usual East-coast "Is it Thursday yet?" viewing replacement for the live stream. It's definitely a thing I've noticed, that Matt will sit back and let them RP for long stretches. It reminds me firstly that for these actors, it's all a grand improv exercise as much as a game; it reminds secondly me that in all my years of playing, the only times I ever had sessions that were so strongly RP-oriented were with the theater dept. nerds back in college.

As for the spell trick, I have to admit that if I were DM, I might not have allowed it, or allowed it with a different use. Jester implanted in a hag -- a creature that literally trades in misery -- a pleasant memory? A memory of a conversation that was so delightful that it made the hag drop a curse out of the goodness of her heart? That strikes me as so contrary to the hag's indisputably evil nature that I can't see it lasting past the next morning. In my head canon, the hag sits bolt upright in bed and says "Wait ... what?" Instead, I would have allowed a modified memory of a successfully-concluded trade: a memory of an ever-cheerful Jester led away sobbing, for instance. But the seed of a returning villain has definitely been planted!

The other big Jester-related reveal, I thought, was the appearance of the Traveler -- and the others could see him! So he's not a figment of Jester's overactive imagination, but an actual entity. Who or what is he?
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So he's not a figment of Jester's overactive imagination, but an actual entity. Who or what is he?

The best guess I have (C1 small spoiler):

Artagan, an archfey that Vox Machina struck a deal with late in the campaign.
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