Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet: Season 1
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Mythic Quest is centered on the creative director at a video game development studio. The show follows a team of video game developers as they navigate the challenges of running a popular video game.
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There are some truly funny bits in the first two episodes, which is as far as we've watched so far. Ian's assistant steals every scene she's in. I've always thought that Rob McElhenny was the weaker performer on It's Always Sunny, so I was worried about him fronting this show, but I was pleasantly surprised. Every episode is Mac Day dialed up to 11.

I wonder if they'll release a Mythic Quest iOS game just because they can.
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Enjoying the show so far. It is a lot more funny than I thought and strikes chords if you work in software development (I’m not in game dev, so I can’t speak to that part). I finished watching episode 5 “A Dark Quiet Death”, and it is from an entirely different show. I liked it and found it quite poignant, but I guess we’ll have to see how it fits into the rest of the season, considering it has none of the shows normal characters (except for Ian at the very end).
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Just a couple of episodes in, straddling the thin line (successfully) between annoying and amusing. Having fun so far!
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Ok, I'm really digging e05 'A Dark Quiet Death.' Cristin Milioti is very very good.

This is maybe a mea culpa from the writers/ showrunners that they are trying to do the show in earnest and are taking chances and sometimes things don't work - but the underlying craft is there. Kind of a "hey, we're not total hacks, give us a break if you don't like something because we were catering to a different sub-crowd for that."

(fitting after a recurring sub-theme/ arc from the first half - re: Sue/ Pootie; I disagree with how they dealt with the Nazi thing, but I understood it as a critique of the industry - although they completely abdicated referencing the meta community* that arises from MMOs)

Anyone else catch 'Halt and Catch Fire'? Mackenzie Davis, Toby Huss, and Lee Pace are great in it. Kerry Bishé is powerful. e05 feels like it took a lot of beats from it.

MQ:RB is averaging around 7 on IMDB, but this ep is currently sitting at 9.2. Next highest is the 8.3 finale.

*tons of communication between players outside of the communications channels in-game. Think wikis and wechats and discord servers etc. Heck, mefightclub.
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I would die for Sue Gorgon.
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So it takes 2-3 episodes fori it to warm up but overall I really liked it. Episode 5 was great and I wish it would have been a several show. I can't wait for the next season. Poppy was by far my favorite character.

It was a bit disorienting to watch Danny Pudy play a character that felt similar to his Community one and yet, very different.

also I fucking love HCF, porpoise.
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*Mac's last name is Mcdonald. His full name is Ronald McDonald. From the high school reunion ep.
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Damn neat bit of foreshadowing (wall mural present since e01, background when announcing Poppy).

The Pootie reveal - followed by the relationship twist.

I wasn't sure about the CW Longbottom character, but F. Murray Abraham always delivers, if not over-deliver.

Too bad about Rachel/ Dana, but hopefully that's something that shows up in S2. Definitely crushing on Ashly Burch.

I thought that the show was thoughtful and didn't screw the pooch when trying to say certain things. It definitely fixed the annoy:amuse ratio - and some of the early annoy was to set up later amuse. Along with e05, you can't fault the show on not being artful.

KTamas - yes! it was definitely odd to see Pudi play a similar but very divergent character. Both are operating on a different plane, but their motivations were oceanically divergent. This isn't even goatie-Danny Pudi, it's an entirely different kind of creature.

Aparna Nancherla/ Michelle enthralled me. I warmed up to Jessie Ennis/ Jo - only when she started treating David better than shit. I hope she uses that to completely destroy him in S2.

Lots of voice actors/ writers/ non-primary-actors on this show. Zero complaints.


I am aware of MMOs (but not well enough to know what the current preferred acronym is - I used to MUD, and I've even LARPed in addition to tabletop [wargaming and rp], and I grew up a pc gamer) - I think that very little experience with any of that or modern gaming is required for this to be entertaining.

Not sure if I caught a single *specific* reference; the jokes are generic enough or contextual enough that they work without deep background knowledge.

Funnier, if you've been there (playing games/ been in games dev) but can still be appreciated by someone who's only heard second hand stories of the scene.
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Voice actor extraordinairre John DiMaggio as rival boss Dan Williams.
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I love that they gave C.W. Longbottom an 'actual' Nebula Award trophy. They do vary some though, and the 1973 award looked like this.
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I loved this. So much more than I thought I would. So good.
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It's too bad the story game scenes don't measure up to the interstitial game scenes, but I guess that's to be expected. I like that they have a deal to use Ubisoft's game even though they're taking the piss out of "Montréal" a little bit.

Ian's assistant steals every scene she's in.

Sorry, whose assistant?
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Thank you Etrigan! I would have missed this otherwise. (I don't exactly log into Apple TV very often.)
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Wow... E5.... "chef's kiss" - very very well done.
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Episodes 1-4: This is like watching Halt And Catch Fire, except I'm not totally stressed!

Episode 5: Oh for fuck's sake
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