Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Manhunter & Captain Kim (Episodes 1 & 2)
February 10, 2020 10:53 AM - Season 7, Episode 1 - Subscribe

The two part season 7 premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine shows the squad adjusting to life with Holt as a uniformed officer and a new captain.

Manhunter: Jake leads a manhunt after an assassination attempt on a city councilor; Holt adjusts to his new position as a uniformed officer.

Captain Kim: The new captain of the Nine-Nine invites the squad over to her house for a dinner party.

AV Club review
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I loved these, perhaps most because two hours in and I didn’t hear Terry mention Yogurt once, meaning that the writers remembered that there are other things that they can do with his character and Crews’ specific comic skills.
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I liked that Captain Kim turned out to be really great, and they played themselves. This seems like a logical extension of any really clubby group -- you can start questioning outsiders even when you really shouldn't.
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Storytelling tropes being what they are, I kept waiting until Fremulon for Kim to be revealed as a secret bad person. I was pleasantly surprised when she was not.
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(added Sepinwall's recap)

IMHO Vanessa Bayer was probably the best cameo of the series so far. (I'm not counting Craig Robinson anymore because he's practically a regular at this point.)
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Bayer was great. I still don’t like it when Holt is “bad”—unprofessional, petty, etc., but I appreciate that his character can’t always be ramrod straight in character.
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The AV Club comments are mostly about wanting to see more of Vanessa Bayer's Officer Debbie, and I get it, because holy shit was she funny. But I hope they're smart enough to use her sparingly. Much like Matt Walsh's character, the humor in her comes largely from the Nine-Nine not really knowing her, and thus being shaken by every new thing they learn.
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I will never get tired of an Andre Braugher dramatic tour de force being used as the slow wind-up for a joke.
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Rosa being rock solid support for Amy was my favorite part.

My second favorite part was Holt attempting to cause a scene.
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Yay, we're back! I enjoyed this set of episodes. I think my favorite bit was the completely-missing-the-mark-from-different-angles accusation of Holt being a bad boy.
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More Vanessa Bayer please
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I really enjoyed Captain Kim. What a sweetie! I liked having a nice captain in the Holt mode for a change.

Also, bodegas are THAT dicey about pregnancy tests? Oy, New York.
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