Project Runway: Live and Let Tie Dye
February 14, 2020 2:11 PM - Season 18, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Tie dye is back in a big way and the designers will need to create their own textiles to elevate the trend from casual to couture. In a twist that may feel more like a trick to the designers, it’s an overnight challenge. The designers go a bit mad working into the wee hours trying to perfect their techniques and complete their high-end looks.
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So on top of everything else they need to be sleep-deprived now.

I am continuously astounded at Sergio's cluelessness and entitlement. What gall it takes to assume that because the judges criticize your work that means they're afraid of you. Unbelievable. And what exactly, would the judges be fearing?

Leslie Jones was hilarious. Her comments to the models (I don't think I've ever seen anyone do that before) were so funny. She even had Nina cracking up.

Jeffrey totally deserved that win. His dress was just beautiful. One of the few things I've ever seen on the show that I immediately wanted. If I could only afford it!
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I adore Leslie Jones. I want to see her on everything all the time!
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First, while I know it has nothing to do with the competition, those citrus-colored eyeliners that Karlie and Elaine were sporting were so distracting. (As was Elaine's furry whatever that was she was wearing.) Leslie Jones looked fabulous.

I understood why Delvin was the one to go, but I actually liked his much more than that figure skater outfit that was declared safe. (On a side note, I don't care how cute people think plain, white, boring running shoes are. I don't need close-ups of them on the runway. The designers didn't make them, so put the camera back on the garments they did produce.) In a lot of ways, Sergio's and Delvin's dresses were very similar in their use of half-century-old silhouettes. I know why Victoria is still there, but as I've posted before, I feel she really needs to be gone already.

I really liked Nancy's look, but it wasn't a look that fits in well with a flash sale. As we've discussed before, pulling that nasty surprise out of the bag of tricks three-quarters of the way through the workroom time is a nasty trick. How a person would design for mass market production and online sales is (or at least can be) completely different from how they design when there are no limitations on their creativity and technique. Geoffrey's really was the one that fit the flash design demands the best.
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Sergio’s came out and we immediately said “Pee stained”. I interesting paneling aside, I can’t fathom how it was in the top.

So yeah he’s self-important bordering on delusional... but what’s the production decision behind letting him run his mouth? Like, do the producers think that makes him sound good? Unfathomable.
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Oh and Nancy’s top looked like stained bandages. I feel like other than Geoffrey’s it was all pretty miserable but they still had to assemble a panel of “tops”.
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The producers think it gives the viewers something to bitch about (or praise, opinions may vary), which is proven over and over again in these posts.
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I think everyone is missing the key point about this episode, which is that: SWATCH IS STILL WITH US.
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I really enjoyed this one, which was almost-bitchiness-free as they bonded over sleep deprivation and dye crisis, but then Brittany had to be snarky about Nancy... Was so relieved for my beloved Geoffrey, and it was great seeing Leslie Jones (I was irrationally upset that they let her jacket ride up in the chair in her early shots, like someone straighten that for her!!)

WHY is Victoria still here?? I know that it's to drive us all bonkers with frustration...well it's working.

Sort of loved the colourful eye makeup and Elaine's floofy pants/skirt/thing. Also want Geoffrey's barcode trews immediately.
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Sergio's godets were impressive but I thought he would get dinged for his choice of color which barely registered on my monitor.

Another gimmicky challenge. Note to Brittany: you don't actually have to rinse the fabric after dyeing (re Delvin's and Victoria's initial blah messes) because these are one-off garments that won't ever be washed or worn again. Just dry and sew.
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I'm so glad for Geoffrey's win because he keeps getting robbed or put in the bottom when he shouldn't, but also maybe because he seems to always be on the verge of a nervous breakdown and I hope this instills enough confidence to sprint for the finish line. (Though I was sorry to see him out smoking with the mean kids and dragging Nancy, too.)

Honestly, as much as I detest Sergio and Victoria, I'm glad to see Delvin go--he's never made anything especially interesting, he has weird, dated ideas and terrible color choices, he's cruel and childish toward some of the other contestestants, especially Nancy. And he continued to be mean in the post-show interview with Christian, which brought out that Season 4 bad side of Christian in a really unpleasant way. I don't disagree with his frustration that Victoria keeps skating through because the judges don't care that she's a one-way monkey, but even after being eliminated he attacked Nancy and I'm just tired of it. The producers/editors love to show us how much the others are terrible about her, but they've never shown us anything particularly terrible about her so we can why--I don't know if they think it's funny and believe we'll think it's funny (because they're probably mostly younger men), but I hate it. I'm a dumbass so as much as I want to stop watching, I'll probably finish it out, but yeesh, it's awful.

I actually liked Sergio's look but I knew people would make comparisons to yellow being pee-stain, maybe he should have gone with orange or something, but I thought it was charming and yellow is big right now. Which may be the only current choice he's made all year, even though the design wasn't modern. It seemed like Elaine was unhappy about giving him praise, which made me LOL. Geoffrey's dress was not my colors (it hits my synesthesia so wrong and kind of nauseates me) but I loved the sweeping style of it and am so happy he won. I really loved Nancy's dye pattern, wish she'd made a legit top. I do like her a lot but she's got to stop half-assing it with the designs or there's no way she survives to the finals. Tom and Lorenzo called her "fabricy" and I think that's a good description--I actually don't mind that in my personal style, but it's become a rut for her, and that'll never get her anywhere. Just too much damn fabric all the time.

Victoria's always going on about how well-turned-out Modovian women are, but apparently she can't design for anyone but herself, and Moldova's population is smaller than New York City's. She hates prints, pattern, anything that isn't body-con and has cutouts everywhere. I think even in Moldova, people would be turning away from her designs once she showed she can only do one thing.

And Sergio--bitch, please. "The judges are afraid of me." Sure, fine, whatever.
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Although I'm so happy Geoffrey (my favourite) won, surprisingly, I liked Brittany's dress the most this week. I thought it was really pretty and looked gorgeous on the model. I loved Sergio's too, and the quality of the construction shone through. But, no, Sergio, the judges do not fear you, you delusional idiot.

I thought both Victoria and Delvin should have gone. Victoria's outfit was awful, with that cape on the back and the bleach stain on the jeans. And Delvin's looked like the kind of thing you'd find on a Fashion Bug sale rack. I'm 60 years old and pretty much everything Delvin has made looks frumpy to me.

Nancy's treatment of the fabric was best, and I also liked her outfit. I'm glad the judges could see how beautifully her signature pants worked with that light, flowing silk.

Victoria needs to go. But I'm sure she'll end up in the finale. Ugh.
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I GASPED when Victoria was safe over Delvin! His wasn’t great but there was no excusing that denim diaper.

I was really impressed with Nancy’s control of the tie-dye technique and I also thought Brittany’s was super cute. Sergio I thought didn’t do enough tie-dye; it barely registered on my TV.

So glad for Geoffrey.
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The TASTE on that Victoria monstrosity, woof.
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...I privately suspect that what Moldovans view as "dressed to the nines" may not read to American eyes as having the requisite "taste level," and that's part of what Victoria is struggling with.
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