Batwoman: Drink Me
February 23, 2020 8:06 PM - Season 1, Episode 13 - Subscribe

A new villain sinks her teeth into Gotham and The Hold Up opens in grand fashion. Sophie reluctantly requests that Batwoman keep her distance knowing their interactions could compromise her career.
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Glad Mary finally figured it out, at least. Mary needs to be IN the plots.

Every time Alice complains that Kate wants her dead, I'm all, "IT'S BECAUSE YOU MURDER PEOPLE A LOT. DUHHHHHHHHHHH."
posted by jenfullmoon at 8:01 PM on February 24, 2020 [3 favorites]

Boy was this a dark episode. I don't mean content-wise, I mean colour. I swear I never got a decent look at Noctura. It was nothing but blackness and shadows and darkness. I get that Gotham isn't bright and sunny Metropolis, especially at night, but come on, you've got to let the viewers actually see what's going on.
posted by sardonyx at 9:18 PM on February 24, 2020

i knew the new woman at the bar wasn't Nocturna, just because of different jaw line, but I wish more happened with her instead of just being a fake-out.

Yeah the entire time Alice was like "well I saved Mary so if you really let me die she wouldn't have been saved" and I was like "BUT YOU'RE THE ONE THAT TOLD NOCTURNA ABOUT MARY", it's like Alice is gaslighting personified.

I wonder if Sophie knows too now after that kiss. At least in Hollywood, you can always tell it's someone you know from a passionate kiss.
posted by numaner at 8:08 AM on February 25, 2020

You go, Mary! You're more perceptive than Lena Luthor. I hope her reaction is different than Lena learning about Kara or Iris figuring out that Barry is the Flash.
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