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South African spy Queen Sono finds herself in a nefarious web of business and politics as she seeks to uncover the truth behind her mother's death. (Netflix's first African tv-series, 6 episodes)

Refinery 29 - Queen Sono‘s Pearl Thusi Is The Super Spy That Africa Deserves

Hollywood Reporter - Netflix's first Africa-produced original is an 'Alias'-esque espionage drama with a distinctive South African backdrop.

The Spool Review: “Queen Sono” Season One Is a Flawed But Fresh Spy Thriller

meaww review: A low-action spy thriller with high entertainment value "The network’s first South African original might not feel as speedy as the trailer promises but manages to hold strong grounds on several visual and cinematic elements. Here are our two cents on the first project that explores the African nation’s entertainment values."

AV Club - Spy thriller Queen Sono is Netflix’s newest binge-worthy series: "Queen Sono will gain attention for being Netflix’s first African original series. It certainly deserves attention for breaking barriers in Netflix’s programming, but that is far from the show’s greatest achievement: Queen Sono is one of the best originals Netflix has released in years. In six episodes, the series does more than diversify the spy genre, it expands the very nature of it. Beyond providing representation, it proves that diversity in television is most successful when cultures are allowed to make classic tropes their own. Queen Sono isn’t “Alias but Black” or Black girl James Bond: It’s a carefully crafted, visually brilliant drama that examines everything from Black female independence to the impact of white colonialism on Africa. With 45-minute episodes, Queen Sono never falls victim to Netflix’s usual “bloat issue”; the plot moves at a near perfect pace, balancing the emotional complexities of the show’s heroine, Queen, and the complexities of African politics."
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I started watching last night and finished this morning. Thumbs up, overall. The action/fight sequences are fine - like, not mega-action-movie-crazy or martial-art-movie-impressive, just that kind of tv-action-star bad-ass of the Jason Bourne practicality variety -- nothing earth-shatteringly innovative, but all very suitable for a reality-based thriller.

I think the reality is what I appreciated most about this. The spy-thriller genre can go over the top sometimes with tech-McGuffins and Dr. Evil megavillains. And while eKaterina is definitely evil with a capital E, the corruption of the other antagonists was more interesting. I hope they get a second season (if for nothing else, to get to see Thusi rocking some more spectacular outfits and hairstyles).
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I'm about 1.5 episodes into it so far. Things I am really loving: her outfits/hair/etc; the seamless code-switching with languages; the music (so good!); the street scenes. The spy stuff is mostly just kind of silly (though no sillier than appropriate for the genre) but I do appreciate how it is all done seemingly in good fun, rather than feeling like a grueling trudge.

Unless it all falls apart in the next episodes, I am looking forward to finishing this season and hopefully there will be a second.
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I swear I saw a Jodie Whittaker clone in the nightclub in ep 2. What's the Doctor doing in Harare?
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Just started watching this. It's pretty damn good! I'm a fan of the restrained action stuntwork/choreography. Not everyone in a spy show has to fight like they're in the Matrix. Efficiency of motion is good!
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OK i finished 6 episodes and I wish there was more now.
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On the plus side, the season being so short avoided the mid-season flail that can afflict some of the Netflix Originals. But it would be nice if season 2 goes at least a couple of episodes longer.
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Darn - per TV Line Queen Sono Cancelled: Season 2 Renewal Reversed at Netflix
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