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Three cousins band together to keep their Grandfather's popular Boyle Heights taco shop in business.
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IndieWire Review: Fall in Love With the Morales Family in Netflix’s Hip Comedy - Gentrification comes for East L.A. in this charming bilingual comedy about one family's identity crisis, executive produced by America Ferrera.

Variety review: "The Los Angeles that TV and movies portray is rarely, as anyone who’s actually from Los Angeles can tell you, particularly accurate to life there outside the entertainment industry. The sprawling city is dense with its own culture, much of which, thanks to sharp influxes money and new (whiter) residents, is perpetually in danger of getting pushed out. Netflix’s new comedy “Gentefied,” from creators Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez based on their 2017 webseries of the same name, aims to spotlight the very people who keep getting relegated to the margins of their own city. Its central Mexican-American family has lived in Boyle Heights for decades. Now, they have to adjust to the reality of creeping gentrification and stay afloat without sacrificing their own cultural identity in the process."

Variety feature - With ‘Gentefied,’ America Ferrera Brings a Series Unlike Any Other to Netflix

Rolling Stone review: "Gentefied is a smart, warm-hearted show. And because it arrives at a time when TV is already home to Vida, One Day at a Time (which Pop TV rescued after Netflix canceled it), Los Espookys, On My Block, Alternatino with Arturo Castro, and more, it doesn’t have to function as a grand unified Latinx field theory. It can just tell its stories, and tell them well."
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I've only watched the first episode so far, but it was really good and I can see why it is getting the positive reviews.
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I’ve watched the first 5 - I’m liking it better the more I watch, will probably finish tonight or tomorrow.

I especially liked episode 5’s plot of the liquor store mural, for the intersectionality of it all, such a seemingly no-win situation for Ana.
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One episode in. Shares a whole lot of themes and feel with Vida, which I just now realize has been woefully overlooked here on Fanfare, and will be starting its third season soon. It's going to be difficult to not be constantly making comparisons.

So far? It's OK.
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What genre is this show supposed to be? I get thrown off by the unfunny slapstick (the Tabasco/Dorito shake, the one dude making a scene at his restaurant) mixed up with the realistic sex scenes. Pick a lane. It’s a good way to learn Spanish though.
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What genre is this show supposed to be?

its a modern telenovela that assumes you're already somewhat familiar with the framework? comedy-drama? im not sure it matters?

we just watched the first couple episodes last night and i really like it - i particularly appreciate the way that they lean so hard into making basically every single white person the worst kind of racist stereotype.
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I really liked Ugly Betty and Jane the Virgin, but this show is in a different tone that throws me off a bit. I haven’t finished the season though, maybe I’ll figure it out.
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I watched this over the weekend, and really enjoyed it. It highlighted a culture I'm not familiar with, and I enjoyed the storylines, particularly the one about the mariachis. I thought the conflict between loyalty to one's community yet understanding the need for change and how best to manage it was well-handled. I loved Erik's character too.
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