Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: More Coronavirus
March 16, 2020 12:10 AM - Season 7, Episode 5 - Subscribe

This week: coming to you from the EMPTY WHITE VOID, Last Week Tonight, like many shows, is doing without a live audience for the length of the epidemic, not just to help slow transmission of Coronavirus but because their usual studios, CBS Broadcasting Center in New York, had confirmed cases. The whole show is about the pandemic, the media and Trump administration's handling of it, and what you personally can do to slow the spread of the disease, which includes not spreading stupid misinformation of the type being broadcast on Fox News. The show was unclear when the next episode would air.

On the "white void" set: "It kind of looks like the place movie characters go when they've just died, or where they shot the 'Kars4Kids' commercial, very much, by the way, the Coronavirus of commercials, in that it is horrifically infectious, and ruins people's lives."

F.37 Goingus Goingus Gonum, PURELL
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Thank you for posting, I just watched this.

It felt so different without the laughs but then he also wasn't trying to be really funny. In fact, I think his voice was breaking at times? Anyway, I really respect this man.

Hope to see you back soon Mr Oliver.
posted by M. at 12:20 AM on March 16, 2020 [4 favorites]

This was just the best thing they could have done, and the thing we need right now. Mr. Oliver is pretty much always amazing, but this really hit.
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I've been really angry at the villainous man-child occupying the presidency for a while now, but when John Oliver had to advise his audience not to listen to him because he's spreading dangerous misinformation, it really just jacked up the anger to 11.

(I mean, not that John Oliver's audience needs to be told that Trump is a dangerous liar, the real people who need to be told are the people watching Fox News.)
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It was quite moving, it's just a pity he can't continue in the same fashion. All the daily show alums look like they are taking a break for the duration, and we all need humour leavening our news.
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That was so heartfelt, it stung. I think he takes US citizenship seriously, especially having acquiring his own recently-ish.
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Here's hoping that the talk show hosts start doing some YouTube at home or something.

I agree with his suggestion of 30 seconds (or longer) of just bitching about what we're all missing out on.
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the post-credits scene just sums it all up, really
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Here's hoping that the talk show hosts start doing some YouTube at home or something.

I follow The Daily Show and Late Show with Stephen Colbert and they both have been putting stuff up on social media and their youtube accounts (linked in names)
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The void was appropriate, but I'd have really liked to see him film this from home over video chat - I feel like it would have even better represented the world we all now need to live in.
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I am absolutely sure he will do that in the future, under the circumstances.

I'm pleased that the other hosts are getting onto YouTube.
posted by jenfullmoon at 9:46 PM on March 17, 2020

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