Welcome to Night Vale: 57 - The List
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Do you remember that list you were given to memorize? You should have memorized that list exactly. Plus, a finding in the desert, what is opera, and meatless mondays.

Weather: "Upside Down World" by Paisley Rae


Night Vale residents were told to memorize the list back in "The Phone Call", episode 16 [transcript].

We are eternal! We will not last!
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The Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex is referred to in this episode as just "Desert Flower," which I think may be the first time it has been referred to without its full name.
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I'm glad Janice and Megan are friends.
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Cecil said in this episode that Carlos wasn't around when the list came out (Thank the mysterious lights in the sky he wasn’t here) but the transcript from Ep 16 reminded me that he was around and had called Cecil.

Was Cecil saying he was glad Carlos isn't in Night Vale now, when the list needs to be recited (because he might have forgotten the list) or that Carlos didn't know the list because he wasn't around a year ago?
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I think he meant he was glad Carlos wasn't in Night Vale now because he probably forgot the list. Carlos arrived in Night Vale during the first episode, so the other interpretation doesn't make sense.

Also, I loved Erika and Old Woman Josie cheating at bowling!

The Weather - I really didn't like it at all.
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Julnyes, makes sense. I was confused on how Cecil is using tense - he went from present tense to past tense and back.
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It's silly, but the fact that I had forgotten the list (I remember hearing the list when I was marathoning episodes to catch up way back when) and that made this episode seem so much creepier.
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I agree, sparklemotion. The minute Cecil said "Do you remember the list?" I went "Oh shit. The list."

Yet again more proof that I would be dead pretty damn fast if I actually lived in Night Vale.
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Another List:

1. Eeeeeeeeeeeee, I am so excited that there is now a Night Vale discussion right here on Metafilter!!!!!!!!!! The Fanfare colors even match!

2. I too forgot the list, and my first reaction was also, "Oh shit, the LIST." But I vaguely remembered it once Cecil started reciting it (specifically lurk and lark).

3. Hated the weather, which was a shame, because I feel like in the past few episodes the weather has been stellar.

4. Almost choked up at the PetCo ad. I don't think I can go to PetCo ever again. WHERE DID THE PETS GO?????

5. Cecil sounded a lot more chipper in this episode. I am consistently blown away by the voice work on this podcast, how Cecil at the beginning slowly opened up to a more outgoing, tolerant person, and then crashed right back to Pilot-levels of detachment after Carlos left. But here he sounds almost happy, and hey, he even went bowling!

6. "Obviously, you know that when you die, the matter that is your matter will just become matter, no article attached. That matter will belong to any number of things. That matter is not you. That matter was never you." This made me feel very chill.

7. "You can’t shake the feeling, a feeling located just over your shoulder, that this made-up story might not be made-up at all." And then this part made me want to stop the car and check the back seat. You know, just to be sure.
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Ha, yeah, I was surprised at just how briefly panicked I felt at not having remembered THE LIST. I distinctly recalled feeling a little compelled to actually try to memorize the list when it first popped up, and then laughing at myself for even considering actually memorizing it, because it's not like I actually live in Night Vale! But especially when you're marathoning the podcast, it's easy to get caught up in it all. I hope the list pops up again, since this episode was just a "drill."
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