Avenue 5: Are You a Spider, Matt?
March 17, 2020 5:20 AM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Judd enlists Ryan to help charm Harrison Aimes, an uber-wealthy passenger who has a strange effect on Judd. Meanwhile, the passengers become transfixed by a divine image circling the ship and Rav deals with the fallout when the ship's moral quandary hits the media.

It's the worst day of Ryan's life, but one of Avenue 5's best episodes yet (Liz Shannon Miller for TV/AV Club; rating: B+)
Not sure exactly what it is — the addition of a character who hates Judd as much as he deserves to be hated, the description of future fancy menu items like “wasp tapenade, owls in blankets and tree soup,” the introduction of a potential romance between Billie and Jordan, or just some good solid comedy moments. But this is easily the most enjoyable Avenue 5 episode I’ve recapped so far.

Two new faces make a massive impact on Episode 7, “Are You A Spider, Matt?”: First, the glowing visage of who Frank immediately identifies as Pope John Paul II — identified as “one of the good ones; he wasn’t even a Nazi in his youth.” While there seems to be a sense that not everyone can see his face in the now luminescent cloud of poop hovering around the ship, thanks to the magic of visual effects there is definitely something out there, attracting a wide assortment of passengers to hang out in the viewing gallery on Deck 5.
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The actor playing Harrison Aimes, Paterson Joseph, was so over the top in Jekyll back in 2007 that whenever I see him since I know I'm in for a large performance. He doesn't disappoint on this show.

I know I was critical about the first couple of episodes. I think Hugh Laurie gets his feet steady and anchors the show as it goes on. I don't think all of the jokes land, and it does find it's tone.

(Although the next episode is a bit gruesome and mean.)
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Yes. The gruesome and mean made me laugh like a drain. Still haven't seen the last episode, maybe tonight.

(Also John Finnemore!)
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Somehow I missed that Hugh Laurie was balding so the wig reveal was confusing for a second. The next ep is the one with the visual effects person? I don't recall it being mean. We cracked up trying to explain the circumstances to some friends. It is just so ludicrous and almost plausible.
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Oh yeah, this has been constantly building up. The first few episodes were uncertain dark chuckles, but lord it has built up enough of a story and spun up enough plates that it's really pretty good now. The last few scenes of the most recent episode had me laughing out loud.
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