Dispatches from Elsewhere: Fredwynn
March 17, 2020 3:31 PM - Season 1, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Fredwynn takes matters into his own hands but he needs his teammates to move on. He searches for the next clue and asks the gang for help; they take it too far in their search for answers leading them somewhere unexpected.
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It looks like EW stopped recapping this one, and not many people are watching the show, but I figure all 4 protagonists should get an episode thread.

My tivo did a spontaneous reboot right when Fredwynn got Janice into her memory palace, so I missed seeing whatever the clue was that led them to the address in Fishtown, but I don't feel like I missed anything vital to their character development (though someone correct me if I'm wrong).
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No. If you saw FW go into his own memory palace, you got the gist. The clue for the address was kind of okay. I was waiting to see what FW’s episode was going to show us. Am I wrong in thinking that FW has/had a closer relationship with Jejune than the others?
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I really like this show, it's like Legion Lite. It's very charming and colorful. That gift with the glowing tag on the table at the wedding reception was the clue to the address - the tag had a rebus of sorts on it.

Simone is my favorite character, I am fascinated by her. I actually really like everyone except Jason Segal (who I don't actively dislike, I just find him so oatmealy) and appreciate how he's letting the others really shine while he takes a back seat acting-wise, being, if I recall correctly, the creator, writer and a producer of the show.
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I loved this episode. I love all the episodes. this show is wonderful and a much-needed break from reality
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