Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Takeback
March 20, 2020 11:58 AM - Season 7, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Doug Judy is back and this time, things between him and Jake are personal. Plus vending machine drama, and an important item is missing from Holt's desk.

My pal LaToya with the AV club recap.
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I was convinced that the twist was going to be that they didn't actually steal the diamonds the first time, and the "takeback" heist was actually stealing them. But Doug Judy remaining true good is a light in the darkness that I desperately needed.

Stephanie Beatriz's work on the line "Names are all made up. There’s no such thing as a 'normal' name... TER-RY." absolutely slayed me.
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Especially given that Terry's name is the only one that's not "made up". In that the creators called the character Terry with the aim of casting Terry Cruz.
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Wait, so Trudy was in on this whole scheme?! That makes her switch from defending Peralta to immediately revealing that he's a cop much funnier to me. Trudy Judy is a great use of Nicole Byer's talents in my opinion.

I was a big fan of Stephanie Beatriz's delivery of "Seriously? That's 5 degrees different! You need to figure out how to fix it."
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Wait, so Trudy was in on this whole scheme?!

No, Trudy wasn't in on the scheme.

Jake: "You aren't mad at me anymore ? I arrested your best man."
Doug: "Just like I wanted you to. I was putting on a show in front of Trudy."
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My heart sank when I saw Doug Judy was on it--I'm just honestly so sick of that story, it's only slightly less irritating for me than Pimento. But I have to admit, it made me laugh out loud when he said his job was whispering in the ears of CEOs when they're testifying in Congress. God, that was brilliant. And I'm always happy to see Nicole Byer.

The entire Rosa-Terry-Holt storyline was my fave kind of B99 story. Especially loved it when Rosa denied that she was really involved and threw Terry under the bus.
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I knew Doug Judy was involved but I wasn't sure about Trudy Judy. Glad that she was there AND she got to have the agreed-upon number of butts.

How long has that vending machine space been taken up by police tape? Multiple seasons, for sure.
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Rosa seems to have a lot of sidekick bits going on lately. I kinda wish she'd get her own plotline, but she's kicking ass at snarky sidekicking.

I love that this was all Doug's covert scheme to get his "friends" arrested. And he's somehow MARRYING A JUDGE?!?! Show, please explain this one because I don't remember it....
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I don't know if there was a setup to the fact that Doug's fiancee is a judge, but if she takes his name....
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My heart sank when I saw Doug Judy was on it--I'm just honestly so sick of that story,

I agree with you in general (I find once a season is plenty) but I’d argue with the mention several seasons back that Doug Judy had been charged with dog fraud, he delivers the best nine words in the entire series: “I sold a guy a fake Pekingese. [looks sidelong at Peralta] ‘Twas a cat.”
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