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This season picks up a few months after last season revealing what the girls have been up to since Rio is no longer in charge.

The girls desperately work on a new scheme while Stan and Dean cope with new jobs.
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Congratulations to the writers for not letting Rio "evolve" into a nice, cuddly, vaguely-criminal-but-basically-okay dude. He is truly, deeply scary. We always knew he was a bad guy who was willing to do bad things, but he is showing how utterly amoral he is, constantly totaling the positives and negatives of letting anyone around him live. It's a particularly good balance to Dean trying, desperately, to be a better person.

Also, I'm always a little weirded out by how Annie's son is a distinct character, Ruby's kids are approximately one distinct character between them, and I cannot even remember week-to-week how many kids Beth has. I think it's four, but I would not bet a single legitimate American dollar on their genders, much less their names.
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Oh thank goodness I'm not the only one with the kid issue. I thought maybe it was just me.

The moment I liked this week with Dean is he says Rio won't kill what he loves (meaning Beth). Later Beth says Dean is right, but what he loves is money. He won't kill her because she can make him money.

I continue to be interested with where the show is going.
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Just for the record, I googled "avian vets in Detroit", and not only are there more than one, the second one on the list is my vet.
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What a nice little cover of 'Perfect Day' in s03e01.
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I won't say this season jumped the shark or ran off the rails, but it felt... off. Like, the hitman never quite landed for me, and I don't understand how they're supposed to launder the fake money through the spa? Or how the money swap at the strip club was supposed to happen without involving Stan?

According to Matthew Lillard on Twitter, they had to cut the season short thanks to the pandemic and didn't get to the ending they were supposed to. It certainly felt that way, and I hope they get a chance to correct it.
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Yeah, I was not impressed with the writing. They wrote themselves into a corner, and couldn't find a clever way out.

I was kind of touched that the Bollands are trying to make it work. Devastated by the Hills saying "fuckit" but still have enough shreds of decency to get ripped off/ be put in a vulnerable position by not really believing in "fucking it"/ cares what Sara Hill thinks. Annie just seems incapable of growth.

Was expecting to be disappointed by the hitmen, was kind of surprised that one of them was actually legit.

The "Why did you do it?" - "I was bored." - beat - "So was I." was cool.

Spa - traditional laundering: have bogus hours/ treatments/ appointments (with minimal consumables) on the books. Hell, pay the technician/ attendant their hours to either do nothing or just stay at home. The margin is laundered.

Laundering fake cash: pay technicians, vendors, (landlord?), return change with funny money. Not very efficient. Requires actually working. Might be a lower risk of getting caught, but if caught, more easily prosecuted.

Combination(s) of both compounds the risks of both.

Less personal risk to find a buyer for the funny money (who likely have better and more firewalled distribution channels), then launder the real cash that the funny stuff sold for.
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I don't understand how they're supposed to launder the fake money through the spa?

Ugh. I meant "through the hot tub dealer" there -- how much cash goes through one of those places? I guess you could say there's some cash in routine maintenance, but A) they never really referred to that part of the business, and 2) if I were an IRS auditor or Secret Service agent, I'd definitely find it suspicious in these days of automatic billing and Square readers on smartphones if a hot tub/pool supply place was reporting tons of cash receipts.
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Ah, ok, nevermind. I recall they were talking about how no-one actually pays MRSP/ sticker price.

They buy a hot tub from the dealer for $1000, sell it for $1500, and declare sales tax on $2500.

Adjust numbers for "The price of a new hot tub can range from about $3,000 to $16,000 and more."
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I suspected during s1 they would run into this issue at some point. It's difficult to keep a show like this "fun" as you raise the stakes. Considering how clever the writers were, I thought they might be able to come up with an original solution to the problem. But sadly no. I gave up during this season.
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They buy a hot tub from the dealer for $1000, sell it for $1500, and declare sales tax on $2500.

It doesn’t solve the cash problem, though. They’re going to give tens of thousands of dollars of their own counterfeit money to the same bank every month and expect not to get caught?
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Season 4 is a go.
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