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Mae Martin stars as herself, a Canadian comedian living in London, navigating a relationship with her new girlfriend, George and dealing with sobriety. (Netflix, 6 x half-hour episodes)
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One of Mae Martin's standup bits went viral on tumblr a while back, though I couldn't find it on youtube to link to -- it was her response to the 'but which one of you is the woman?' question straight people would ask. It was a very funny bit, so when the trailer for this series came out I recognized her and had to check it out.

Anyway, I liked this. I don't know if I'm in the best frame of mind for it right now, but it's a good show. And there are plenty of very funny Mae Martin standup routines on youtube, if you like her style in the show and want to go down that rabbit hole.
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Just binged this yesterday! It's got quite the cast. For one, Lisa Kudrow is astonishing, absolutely at the top of her game. Mae's writing obviously gave her great material, but she really took it and ran with it.

On a different note, Phil is obviously a Zen master and I want to subscribe to his newsletter.
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On a different note, Phil is obviously a Zen master and I want to subscribe to his newsletter.

In his other life, Phil goes by Dr Brown and is an accomplished absurdist clown.

He had an episode of a Netfliex comedy series called The Characters a while back, if you need more Phil in your life.
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Oh I just mentioned this in a MeTa thread. I watched all of it in one sitting and really liked it. I normally don't go for 'stressful' TV, but even the difficult parts (like the drug temptations and mother daughter relationship stuff) were filmed in a way that didn't totally turn me off.
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oh yeah! It's not on youtube, but a little research says this is the tumblr post, and this video contains that standup section (her standup starts at about 28 minutes in, the tumblr quoted section starts around 35 minutes)
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Yep, that's the bit, gryftir, thanks.
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I've hated most every representations of queer/dyke/femme/butch/transmasculine/lesbian-ness on TV until... basically until this and Work in Progress. It pairs well with Work in Progress, for the mental health romantic dramady vibe with Real Queers. I haven't finished yet, we're watching one episode at a time, but it's... really good! I agree Lisa Kudrow is incredible. All the leads and supporting characters are extremely charismatic - Lava is my favorite intense/fucked up/hot/gay vibes. Overall my takeaway so far is thank god I'm not in my 20s anymore!
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