Batwoman: Through the Looking Glass
March 22, 2020 7:48 PM - Season 1, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Kate begins to question her instincts and Luke gets upsetting news. Alice seeks her sister's help with a special task.
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Good on Julia and Mary for being emotionally aware enough to check on Luke. Of course he needs people in his corner right now. Kate should have realized that. I mean, sure, she's got her own issues going on, but still...

That combination of yellow coat and big earrings on Mary was just screaming Jubliee to me, and considering Jubilee is essentially a Robin homage, that seems pretty fitting.

I'll admit, I wasn't expecting Kate to double-cross Alice and lock her up. I didn't know what I was expecting, but that wasn't it. Going back to a comment from an earlier episode, this episode was working really hard to make us feel sympathy for Alice, and I'll give them credit that it worked pretty well.

It was nice to see Kate and her dad have that moment together, but we know that won't last, given his feelings about vigilantes, which is a bit of a shame. Still, I guess there needs to be personal tensions otherwise this isn't an Arrowverse show.
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The Berlanti Model is Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces for prime-time television. This week was better than average for me. The plot made sense, though Kate stabbing that Security Chief in the leg seemed to be a seed that could come back to bite her later. Then again Oliver dropped a lot of bodies over the years so what is one little flesh wound. Dad's desire to forget his daughter is really bothering me, not as a viewer because the Berlanti Model, but as a person I have truly begun to dislike him. I like the actor but that character is in serious need of some empathy.
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but see, you're falling into the trap of getting sympathy for Alice. I kept falling into it too and had to remind myself the multiple horrible things she's done since the first episode, including making Mary watching her mom die, and then tricking that one villain into draining Mary's blood and then "saving" Mary with her own blood. I mean, at this point, I'm glad to see her locked away for Mary's sake.

Daddy Kane might not be the most upstanding character, but I don't fault him for wanting to forget Alice exists.
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Isn't it sort of the prime time networks' thing to make us feel sympathy for serial killers? After Hannibal and Dexter, I wouldn't be surprised if in the writers room they're saying "Oh yeah, after we reform Mary a bit, we'll make her the new Robin! An edgy dark, lethal Robin! The audience will love it!"
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