Steven Universe: Homeworld Bound
March 27, 2020 6:32 PM - Season 6, Episode 17 - Subscribe

In an attempt to figure out why his powers are going crazy, Steven returns to Homeworld, which is rather different from before.
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man I wanna get high with blue diamond
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I'm not entirely pleased that "Oh yeah it was bad sorry" is the button they put on Yellow's gem experiments, but it's interesting to see how each one deals with their new lives. Blue gets high as fuuuuuuuuuck.

Steven using White's power to hurt himself while he begs himself to stop was brutal. It's also a pretty stark refutation to folks clamoring for blood, insisting that White be punished for her actions.
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"You're voting for Zircon? What a fool! I'm voting for ZIRCON!"

that one hurt to listen to.
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It's jarring to see Spinel in her happy self but still with the look of angry Spinel.
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oh hey, so the white diamond in the "bad guys" shot of the intro is... White Steven. whoa.
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